Sneak peek at this Friday's video. I still need the perfect name for this look! #emspiration
  • michellephanSneak peek at this Friday's video. I still need the perfect name for this look! #emspiration

  • calli_sf@myhangpham she looks like you here.
  • rghadalmufeedCan you do Arabic look ?
  • myhangpham@calli_sf lol, I love her
  • ectorcreatorNo qua ce qualcosa che non va sto vedento una ragazza btllliiisssiiimmma
  • mathaxfackaGIBRALTA ESPAÑO
  • welove_michellephanSpanish Roooosee😄 It was beautiful❤️ @michellefawn
  • alied6one of my favourites x
  • ranihazimiomg.....i love you!!!!!!
  • lisakisazWow so beautiful
  • _bridgemarcheseHey there, not too sure if your going to read this or whatever but may as well give it a try. I really just wanted to say thanks for really always being there for whenever I needed it, and yeah I know that sounds so creepy but you always have these little comments in your videos that just make me feel a whole lot better. You have been my inspiration from the start, I can remember my little sister showing me one of your videos and I never stopped watching them since. Your an amazing person and makeup artist, I really hope you do read this. Thanks heaps Bridget 😊
  • marie16_Spanish Rose
  • kashishhh_@_mariejb_ stupid she already uploaded the video
  • alexjxoxcuteU are so pretty I would love to be u
  • bestkeltsecretWow !!!
  • emmyy.roseYour contacts are my eye color! I was so phsyced bc I have a weird eye color so this will match my eyes perfectly
  • emilie_mrsManooooon!! 😁 je veux trop que tu me fasses un regard de malade comme celui la!!! 😱👍😊❤️ @manon_druppel ❤️❤️❤️
  • sadghost88_#love u mish so much
  • schunckadelicThis is my Fav picture of out of all the ones I've seen , simply stunning
  • diahyn@shine.p 😍
  • lunabentzviiSpanish makeup @michellephan
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