Cozy into a chic sweater dress this fall! #LaneBryant #LBITList #LBFallStyle
  • lanebryantCozy into a chic sweater dress this fall! #LaneBryant #LBITList #LBFallStyle

  • mea131313That's pretty!!! Totally your colors!!
  • mssabrina_Wow! Exactly what I have at work today. And I must say I look just as beautiful!!:) Happy Monday
  • martinestillwellI just bought this dress and I love it!!!!
  • bunnyobelenusIt would be really great if Lane Bryant used plus sized models that were larger, both bust and size. I know size 14 is considered plus size but it would be great to see a 22 or a 28, a 40H or a 38F. Other than that and the quality of the underwear going down, LOVE EVERY THING!!!!!
  • lanebryantHi @bunnyobelenus - Thank you for taking the time to post. All of our models are plus-size (14+) and they do fit into our size range. Each week we also feature many of our guests, of all shapes and sizes, showing off their favorite Lane Bryant looks on Facebook. I will share your comment with our marketing department and here's a link to our latest FANtastic photo album for added style inspiration:
  • thickthighs718Love it
  • thickthighs718Thats why I love lane bryant because they have plus size models! You can see how the clothes fit on different body types!
  • nicckkeyI love LB
  • v0ldemortputinI just wish you would send the products shown in the graphics to every store. My store had two different jackets in pictures on the wall and never actually got the jackets in.
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