Sunday night Date night #movietime
  • gretchenrossiSunday night Date night #movietime

  • immaier@b8bgirl Where is your mother?! @staceyballog is by no means fat and in fact beautiful; slashing a woman for her looks is just trashy. So I suggest you go work out, take a class, or volunteer for an even so you redirect your anger into something a little more productive. But that's just my opinion, and I can "say what I want when I want". 👋
  • b8bgirl@immaier thanks for the meaningless words I don't know who fucking dragged you into this conversation LOOSER your so irrelevant and a nobody besides this isn't your Instagram so stfu wow you care so much. I believe my comment was for Gretchen not you Loosers so stfu k 😉
  • lintav@b8bgirl I'm sad for you and your pathetic existence, and for the record LOOSER has a very different meaning from LOSER you illiterate moron
  • b8bgirl@lintav ooohhhh thanks for that lesson you freak who asked you for your opinion ? Please, mind over matter i dont mind and YOU dont matter TRASH lol
  • lintav@b8bgirl you already used that line on someone
  • b8bgirl@lintav so and your point? Who dragged your UGLY ass into this conversation ? Glad I'm getting all this attention feels great thanks for your opinions they mean soooooo much to me WOW I'm so thankful ✌
  • lintav@b8bgirl Oooo! UGLY...btw if its "daddy issues" (and judging by the duck face selfie, I'm sure it is) you'll get through it good luck in the future, I've gotta go I'm bored with you, all my best xoxoxo
  • b8bgirl@lintav oooohhh that hurts LOL please your so dumb and seriously no one cares what you have to say no one asked you for your opinion clearly you need another doze of Prozac based on your ugly trashy picture LOL crack head lol you clearly care so much and have nothing going on in your life to even come on here and comment LOL yeah I know right? If you want to continue this lovely chat ill be waiting k 😉
  • julieann2226Following Gretchen's Instagram is almost as good as watching TRHW. Just as many Cat Fights & Drama! I'm not being mean or pointing fingers at anyone I truly enjoy reading all the banter!
  • sarah_marie_fosterYou looked so much prettier without your lips done.
  • criosdance22You two are my favorite! I love y'all together!
  • robdon567So sexy, uhhhhh shouldn't have married that lame
  • earthyluxe@sarah_maronen 👍👍👍
  • shannon_brysonnn@gretchenchristine1 it's obvious you've had work done though gretchen quit denying it
  • suz1714Lay back on the Botox, fillers etc....
  • instablondeashleyNo more are pretty and don't need them
  • msxdanielle1738Gorgeous Guys!!
  • annarushfordhas anyone considered that @b8bgirl is a troll
  • ceooflincoln@gretchenchristinerossi I luv all the rude people...I mean jealous people! I am sure you don't even read their comments, so not sure why they message. Have a great day! Ur true fan :)
  • claireamieoh my god found another @deejarama @emgarvo
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