It's gone all graphic at EDUN with new designer Danielle Sherman.
  • bofIt's gone all graphic at EDUN with new designer Danielle Sherman.

  • jordanmphillipsAre they still producing in China?
  • ericalynnyoungLove!
  • ashleymonetmLove these pieces! @tahirmckenzie
  • shelbymurphy88!
  • paosinis@lureofluxe I'm not familiar with your work yet but you seem to ask if its made in China as if this was a bad thing, which is a generalization we can't afford to feed any longer. There is a wide array of wonderful, sustainable, very proudly Made in China content that you seem to be missing out on.
  • jordanmphillips@paosinis my concern is that Edun promotes African craftsmanship yet many of its items are made in China. It's deceiving. I'm all for "Made in China" if that is part of what a brand promotes to the consumer.
  • paosinis@lureofluxe couldn't agree with you more but since criticizing MadeinChina is so easy it's important to shift the focus, it's the only way that powerful initiatives coming out of here can take root and make a difference. Would be happy to talk to you more about it if it's interesting ;). Just to name a few @pyeshirts @aboynamedsueshop and #redresshk are taking very interesting steps in sustainability.
  • tlikebubbletea@paosinis thank you for the mention!
  • liza_k@lureofluxe Amen!
  • jordanmphillips@paosinis I will take a look at those brands - thanks for the tip
  • pyeshirtsThank you for the shout out cc @pyedpyper
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