Mark your calendars, folks!
  • m_shinodaMark your calendars, folks!

  • ariel.linkinlvr.seaworldlvr@m_shinoda hey Mike I just noticed your following 88 people and guess what so am I:-D Hahaha we both have the Same number:-)/
  • ariel.linkinlvr.seaworldlvr:-D
  • ariel.linkinlvr.seaworldlvr@m_shinoda does Chester now have a instagram account?
  • linkinparksoldiergirlI just Love You @m_shinoda
  • artemiszrvI don't have a twitter so I will say what I want here . I just read y articol about rock music and it was a part that I did not like. When u say we r not like the stones ( legecy act ) who plays for nostalgic to middle age fun . First linkin park is good but u can't compare it with the stones , second 3 years ago I had the chance to see Alice copper in a festival who we can call him classic and I was thinking WOW this man is almost 70 and he still moves the crowed like that . At list we should give a gredit for that and believe m I'm not a middle age person , and have u never heard the phrase "we're you are I was and were I'm you will be " ??
  • artemiszrvSo stick with the think u know to do , passing notes throw articols and when u talk about classic music and bands saw the respect they earned all this years
  • vdubtherockgod22Hey Mikey I need your help can you get your followers to like a pic of mine one of my neighbors' house caught on fire and they have nothing left I don't know them and so can you like it and tell your followers to like it too I don't know them though but they need the support and if you can can you make an anonymous donation for them too so far they have $20k for there fund its called dinunzio's lost everything in the fire and this burnout was last night soo what I'm trying to say is ask everyone on here on any social network place and ask them to donate money for this oh and ask the rest of LP to fund for them too I'd appreciate it
  • vdubtherockgod22It's the first one that you see on my page @m_shinoda
  • vdubtherockgod22@mvanwoertlpforever this is my page
  • vdubtherockgod22I'm begging on my life for you to help they don't have a single thing left @m_shinoda
  • vdubtherockgod22Actually they already have $2k
  • vdubtherockgod22For support
  • ristinw😛@m_shinoda marked on calenders, as u requested
  • derp_derp14Lol
  • _zeroyak@m_shinoda ты какашка:D хотя ты все равно не почитаешь этот комментарий:(
  • _zeroyak@m_shinoda какашка:D
  • _zeroyak@m_shinoda но ты не читаешь комменты всяких фанатов, вот почему ты какашка:D
  • arinafurКто-то психанул)))
  • arinafurМожет кто-нибудь ещё оставит комент здесь(из русских)
  • ygryumovaМожно и оставить)
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