Fish tank flow
  • talibkweliFish tank flow

  • dez_mallayYou did amazing last night @talibkweli
  • mangerere96@talibkweli wanna rap battle? If I win you have to sign me! Deal?
  • playahazeThat's a Dick fish
  • mangerere96@talibkweli nah but for real, your one of my heroes, I'm not as dope as you, I just wanna be signed so I don't have to be broke anymore
  • stephenshoots@mm191713 Just because you're not signed doesn't mean you can't make money in music. I know plenty of "unsigned" artists that do their own thing and make money. It might not be enough to quit their day job but it's a start. Don't let the lure of a "major" label trick you into thinking that's where it's at - because it's truly not.
  • dominicanlucRemora .. the fish that hitch a free ride with sharks
  • dominicanlucHitches
  • mangerere96@stephenevansphoto thanks man your great? What's your number? I want to get to know you, you seem like you can help me even if I'm not signed, because I had originally thought you have to get signed to make it!
  • keyloboleonFor example @mm191713 mac miller isn't signed to a major. Whether or notyou like him he's successful as hell.
  • meststiledenegerahhhh
  • forthebyrdzWhere is this kwe?
  • pubwisdomArty
  • classicnostalgic@talibkweli Wuddup Kweli! How can I get these beats to u fam?
  • islidzHad a blast at your Portland ME show man and it was great getting to finally meet you. Your words saved my life at one point. Thanks for everything hope to see ya again one day man
  • hand_onthepumpFish. Always in #suspense.
  • alexiselevenI love ya! Peace from Brooklyn
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