#WhiteHot nail look by @butterlondon using Cotton Buds for Band of Outsiders. #nyfw
  • ultabeauty#WhiteHot nail look by @butterlondon using Cotton Buds for Band of Outsiders. #nyfw

  • sm1relesya ulta girls suck!!!
  • abollinger19At my job if we ever treated anyone like these ulta girls are treating customers, we would be fired immediately. That's what social media contracts are for, but if they hire bitches like this they obviously have no standards nor do they care about there customers. I'm officially sticking with sephora from now on.
  • princessaubriegirlFyi the "princess" in my IG name is for my daughter...duh! again with the assumptions.....
  • ultabeauty@jasminestar75 @princessaubriegirl @audie02 @steshasims We are sorry to hear about the experiences you had at our stores and also for the responses by a couple of employee on this thread. Their opinions do NOT reflect those of ULTA and we are taking this matter very seriously and looking into it now. We would like to hear more about your store experience; please email us at gethelp@ulta.com with the details and your contact information. Thank you.
  • princessaubriegirlThank you so much! These employees on this thread made the experience so much worse. I will be emailing today. Thank you for responding. I hope that it is taken seriously as they have been extremely rude and if they talk to me & about me like this on the company IG than I could imagine how they treat customers in store. As I stated I love @ultabeauty. The employees ruin it. again, THANK YOU.
  • pixierandall@princessaubriegirl for the win! :)
  • princessaubriegirl@pixierandall lol...thank u sweets! Im glad they are taking it seriously BC their comments were not appropriate at all. Im a very nice person, im not a princess although I consider my baby girl to be, hence my IG name. I've worked retail and even if I was having a bad day, I left it at the door BC it has no.place at work.
  • pixierandall@princessaubriegirl It seems that most of us here have worked retail, and I agree, everything drops when you walk in the door. I'm just glad that they are looking into the matter, I myself have sent an email or two their way in the past and have had nothing resolved. Glad someone took notice.
  • princessaubriegirl@pixierandall really? Did they even respond? Wow! Well I hope @ultabeauty responds and takes appropriate action this time. Im sending the email when I get home...we'll see...
  • pixierandall@princessaubriegirl Never got a response. Hope it works out for you. Just knowing that they've realized that there's a problem is something.
  • vikkihallLove the nails!!!!
  • ultabeauty@pixierandall - I'm sorry to hear past issues haven't been resolved. Please send an email with your contact info and details so it's not left unresolved. Thanks.
  • princessaubriegirl@pixierandall @jasminestar75 @audie02 Hello. I was wondering if u had emailed @ultabeauty and if they replied to you? Thank you
  • princessaubriegirl@ultabeauty I emailed on Friday and got an immediate auro reply then a reply that I would hear back from someone within 2 business days....still haven't heard back and its going on the 5th business day if you include Friday....:( bummer. I thought maybe this would all get resolved.
  • princessaubriegirl*auto
  • jasminestar75Thankbyou so much for the reminder @princessaubriegirl !!! I need to send my email still!
  • princessaubriegirl@jasminestar75 you're welcome!
  • princessaubriegirlHi @jasminestar75 Did you send the email & did anyone ever reach out to you? No one contacted me & nothing was ever done so I stopped shopping at ULTA but I reached out to them on Facebook & they are finally taking care of it.... Well we will see anyway..I just wondered if they contacted u after you sent your email.
  • kandy21play@shaysoriano tu y yo lol
  • shaysoriano;) ya lo sabes!! @kandy21play XD
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