Hope she didn't trip! #LadyGaGa out and about in #NYC last night!
  • theperezhiltonHope she didn't trip! #LadyGaGa out and about in #NYC last night!

  • thibbyyperez = reductive stalker
  • douggy76perez, you should learn from gaga and cover your face too!
  • indyjazeeraPerez... Plz stop.. Just respect all celebs
  • trevon.kingPerez you seriously need to get a new hobby. You are too damn old to be STILL talking a about people, gossiping and what not. Get a life and focus on your child instead of ruining someone else's
  • k3nnyb0yYou're trash and it's funny. How is your fake body treating you?
  • armmvndoThanks for the promo aids ape!
  • amazing__grace_01This is stupid at its worst lol fashion. I say not !!
  • johnchristianreHigh fashion
  • maria.zuniga@phuckyournoise @bellajay10 @juaninatrillionn bitches be like...it's fashion lol
  • chdnvYou just a pig inside swine.
  • famegypsyyour son is really cute and I only wish you two the best in life but you really need to watch what u say about someone who has only done nice things for people :( its sad that u bully her so much
  • thedorihanDang she need Nicola back in her fashion team
  • dikaraiDon't be mean to her
  • janequeenstudioPeople seem to forget Perez supported this bitch from the beginning and greatly contributed to her fame. Only he knows the truth and has been greatly angered by it. If my "wifey" fucked me over I'd be pissed too.
  • think_aji like her face here
  • gagagalleryQueen
  • emilyirisxoI think that's why she's holding onto her bodyguard, Perez. Lol 😆😋
  • adrianxpastorUgh so gorgeous <3
  • alexey_boychenkoQueen
  • hafezurbangardenWhat a nice makeup once in a while.
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