Naomi Campbell closes @DVF
  • bofNaomi Campbell closes @DVF

  • meghanepattersonIsn't she a little old to be walking the runway. Nipped and Tucked all over the place.
  • _itstoni_The queen
  • dennywalter@mpproductions09 aren't you a little old to be shaming someone you don't even know?
  • kelly_suazodavisWorking on being part of the audience at this show!!
  • meghanepattersonIt's not shaming. It's a simple question that you obviously can't answer. @dennywalter
  • christckim@mpproductions09 she may be older but she is still beautiful
  • dennywalter@mpproductions09 her walking the show answers your question...
  • chlosarge@mpproductions09 a model? getting cosmetic surgery?! CALL THE MEDIA!!!
  • chlosargeNaomi is iconic and she looks half the age she is. she should still be on every runway, she's beyond perfect.
  • meghanepatterson@dennywalter Because you know everything.
  • meghanepattersonAnd the only reason you just had to make that ignorant response to my comment is bc you are a model. So what. @chlosarge
  • chlosarge@mpproductions09 Yeah, I definitely seem like the stupid one here.
  • meghanepattersonWell no one asked for your comment towards me. Why start something? @chlosarge
  • chlosarge@mpproductions09 hahahaha. no one asked for your rude and extremely ignorant comment in the first place either. good luck with your photography company mate.
  • meghanepattersonMy question was not extremely ignorant but your overreaction to it was uncalled for. Great if you're a model like her. Glad you received great genes but that doesn't mean you can belittle someone else for asking a question okay? @chlosarge
  • meghanepattersonYou seem to be the bully here. Very nice. Thanks @chlosarge
  • chlosarge@mpproductions09 yes, what a bully I am to say nice things about the subject of the photo, one of the best models to have ever existed. I think you might have a slightly skewed view of how life works. Stop posting rude comments about people, become known for your work.
  • meghanepattersonWhat the fuck was so rude about it?? Take a look at what you are saying to me. The pot calling the kettle black. The best thing for you to do is to leave me alone. I am becoming known for my work but why do you care? @chlosarge
  • meghanepattersonI called you a bully bc you said my opinion was "extremely ignorant." I didn't ask for that. So what if I think she should retire to make room for an upcoming model. Why do you care so much? Before this, you didn't even know I existed...... @chlosarge
  • getdressedmommy@bof I hope you delete this thread of comments. I am pretty glad to see a woman of her age walk the runway though. She is a bit of an anomaly. Most women her age don't look like that but I think it's a step in the right direction.
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