She's a builder! ( I think it's safe to say some things are genetic...)
  • ivankatrumpShe's a builder! ( I think it's safe to say some things are genetic...)

  • traveling_mommaBeautiful!
  • ns426@suksulaiman @fsulaiman whattt?!! umie nya pun mau tuuuu pj cookie monster😜🍪👻
  • missgloriac💗💗💗
  • pomgangDefinitely...genetic :)
  • kaeva9Your daughter is very beautiful! She's going to grow and become so so stunning @ivankatrump you are so blessed! xxx
  • ifirstiarinaJust like grandpa
  • lgnacyk6Very nice. My granddaughters love to build.
  • leexundftd发型变了
  • charlie_eipertI used to have to have these
  • aandar2014#magnatiles love them
  • cvazquez76@ivankatrump, where could I find those blocks?
  • imnotsocheyMy brother loves those blocks!
  • happymarieeHaha she seems so proud of herself! :)
  • ana_banana_9Men with dirty jeans and steel toe boots are sexy!!!
  • human_skin_monsterMy son loves those magnet tiles!!! Just can't find them anywhere to buy him his own!!! Where did you purchase your daughter's from @ivankatrump ?
  • wjfunk1I' m a Pre-K teacher and the kids LOVE these!!!! They are wonderful for developing fine motor skills, imagination, and obviously for future engineers, architects and builders of the world.
  • is where you can buy them. There are several knock off brands but this company makes quality products that won't break easily. Good luck!
  • lidijavukicevic@caaaacaaa samo kod kotevskih i trampova mozes da se igras sa ovakvim igrackama
  • caaaacaaa@lidijavukicevic taj neki fazon :)
  • playdaterMy son loves those too! It's really fun to get a set of the LED push lights and put them inside, lights up all the colors 😊
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