The not so bright little brother of Capri Sun, "Capri Sonne" #prague #knockoff #disappointment
  • sraygadaThe not so bright little brother of Capri Sun, "Capri Sonne" #prague #knockoff #disappointment

  • derjustenOh, I loved that stuff when I was young
  • thelucywatsonIt's just german translation no? For sure the real thing?
  • sraygada@misslhyde nope its a complete fake and it tastes disgusting haha
  • thelucywatsonGross. Brand (as Capri Sun or Capri Sonne) is owned by Rudolf Wild Ltd worldwide. Distributed by:

    Kraft Foods (North America)
    Coca-Cola Enterprises (Netherlands, UK and France)
    Rudolf Wild GmbH (elsewhere)
    Introduced 1969 (as Capri Sonne)
  • sraygadaWell you are very well informed haha @misslhyde
  • zoe_macaroniWe have these in Holland as well.. they rename a lot of things here. Oil of Olay is Oil of Olaz but it's the same thing for example
  • zoe_macaroniit may taste fake to you because all of those nasty American colors/flavors are BANNED in the EU so our stuff is better.. neener neener.
  • sraygada@bookofsnow doesn't matter, still tastes 10x better in America ;)
  • miarscottDid you know you're on buzzfeed? Lol
  • sraygada@miaa_scotttt haha yeahh my friend sent me a message about it.. I was so confused about why this picture was randomly getting comments :p
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