Ice cold sweet tea. Very different from regular tea, y'all. #latergram
  • dooceIce cold sweet tea. Very different from regular tea, y'all. #latergram

  • brilliantmonster@howtobeadad Hahaha!
  • webmeisterbudAh, yes. That's simply "iced tea" here in Canada. =)
  • beehewieWeirdly enough, here is Oz we are big hot tea drinkers, but iced tea? Not so much.
  • rachellepaytonCanada, I love you but you lose at iced tea. Is it sweet? Yes. Is it instant? Also yes. Not good, my friend. I'm sorry. 😁
  • ali__stephens@beehewie haven't you seen bottles of Lipton iced tea - often with lemon, or green tea? Is good - LOVE their mojito mocktail that's out at the moment.
  • kidecalsMy husband from Georgia (transplanted to Colorado) always says "you can't sweeten cold tea!" (Insert southern accent) it's like he's mad at unsweetened tea!
  • carmillatx@kidecals I agree with your husband. Being from Texas we drink sweet tea by the gallon. And if its not sweet when it's poured over ice, it can't be fixed. Trying to cut back on sugar means I don't get to drink my favorite drink often. I miss daily sweet tea.
  • beehewie@ali__stephens oh, yeah - but I don't count that ;-) I mean like proper, home made stuff :)
  • amandasue35@carmillatx We cut back on a lot of sugar and I use Stevia in the Raw in mine. Little less than a cup=perfect
  • ali__stephens@beehewie fair enough :) I've never bothered to make it home made, but will get a bottle with a meal or on a drive. (Better for me than Coke - or at least I kid myself that it is!)
  • felishacarolleYES!
  • rpgoodwin13Public service announcement... Splenda will dissolve in cold tea!! Not the same but not too bad.
  • stephanielevyThat's your Tennessee side comin' thru ;)
  • someonesmummy@dooce In Canada we call it ice tea.
  • ___gggigigg___No, no -- "sweet tea" stands alone as one of God's finest creations. "Iced tea" is the poor man's sweet tea. All you Canadians need to go south of the border--and then south of the Mason-Dixon Line to experience sweet tea.
  • thejessbirch@someonesmummy I'm pretty sure sweet tea is a bit sweeter than iced tea (which seems crazy because our iced tea is usually super sweet lol) I've heard that some southerners think "iced tea" is totally unsweetened, which, as we know, is just not true :P
  • nbeyer031102😘 ain't nothing like southern sweet tea
  • monroetheroe@dooce do you make it yourself or is there a brand you prefer? I can't find decent sweet tea to save my life.
  • amandasue35Luzianne makes the best tea bags for brewing your own. 4 family size tea bags for a gallon, either 2 cups splenda or sugar or 1 cup Stevia in the raw. Mix while warm. Bottled tea is, quite simply, crap.
  • xsmith5Yumm I love sweet tea! Without the sweet. Lol
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