Positioning is everything. Behind the scenes of our #Fall2013 campaign shoot. #AXDenim
  • armaniexchangePositioning is everything. Behind the scenes of our #Fall2013 campaign shoot. #AXDenim

  • suhaylnPlease open a store in South Africa
  • benny_penSean opry
  • trancer_raverI agree with @suhayln....open a flagship store too
  • alanb1314Love the shoes post sum i kicks or sneakers please..
  • suhayln@trancer_raver I've posted a comment on every picture and the guy won't even respond if there's even a possibility of them opening a store in South Africa
  • trancer_raver@suhayln it's probably not fees able that's wht
  • suhaylnIt would be nice for him to tell me that instead of making me assume that by not responding
  • armaniexchange@suhayln Thanks for your interest in A|X! We're very flattered, but we currently do not have plans to open a store in South Africa. Continue to follow us for updates.
  • suhayln@armaniexchange I would suggest you'll kindly do some research on the target market here as every one wants it but cannot get it unless they go overseas. I've seen a big demand for it higher then any other clothing brand and it could be very profitable. I know tons of people that want the merchandise you'll sell, some that specifically make the trip over seas for AX. :)
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