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  • charlizeafricaHey everyone- it's Instagram time! Check out pics and vids all month from our recent trip to #southafrica. #ctaop #hiv #reachout #wecanendAIDS

  • rosadelcarmen_Mira @marito_b
  • marito_bYa la estoy siguiendo @rosadelcarmen_ gracias cori
  • rockcitysoloIf I could show you the way to the moon I would have already made the rocket, if nobody has told you you beautiful this morning let me be the first, let me show you the ways of the lion, the ways a man loves his baby girl, showers her, kisses and hold her, praises her like a baby shower because each day is a blessing I'm glad if gotten a chance to see a woman with a gorgeous personality like yours god bless you because #iminlove with you!
  • watchqueentw❤️❤️❤️
  • viniciusf4r14@charlizeafrica I'm so very proud of you and your body of work.. What an Angel you are.. May our paths cross in the Bu someday, somehow.. Love you, princesa! beijo, -Vinicius http://IMDb.me/MeisnerActor 😘👸
  • florencetrolyFantastic work with Ctaop. I'm sensible to this cause. Don't give up the fight....
  • ob.cam.luz(Port.) Charlize! Sabe por quê amo você? Porque você luta pelas causas sociais, e defende seu povo Sul-Africano.Seu Fã. BRZ.São Paulo 💕
  • xisan2611Africaaaaa... Another out there in type of lands
  • n33tta❤️
  • shvmilov<3
  • pvt220💖 @charlizeafrica
  • tatay_guiraldiFelicidades por tan noble trabajo. Eso te hace una de las mujeres mas respetada y mas amada. Desde mi humilde lugar acompañó tu esfuerzo.
  • mikegreen7I just found out you have Instagram I support this cause 100 percent keep doing what you'r doing your doing good work CT....Brooklyn Nyc
  • stt_socialtimetable@kcstylezz
  • 0omelinao0Welcome to #Instagram
  • iamremycrank👏👏👏👏
  • chuck_dematteoSo proud of you what a kind warmhearted person let me help you.
  • mojo543O
  • chuck_dematteoLooks like progress and your big effort at support😇😇👌🏼🐩😻👑👸🌹❤💫🎩
  • savas_oezcelikNelson Mandela. I know him Like Martin Luther King and Ghandi. And Mustafa Kemal Atatürk.
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