Happiest bday ever to my heart, my soulmate my love @rbermanus #myboys #luckiestladyever #bestdad
  • rachelzoeHappiest bday ever to my heart, my soulmate my love @rbermanus #myboys #luckiestladyever #bestdad

  • shxronstephHow old is your son??
  • shxronstephHow old is your son??
  • caroleavinBella
  • lindspitzDude cut his hair he looks like a girl wow!! Poor kid!!
  • mrsdondirosadoLove the grays i have to say. ..gorgeous hair like dad :)
  • elise1333Oh, poor kid. He is healthy, happy and loved. But apparently to some people, it's the length of his hair and clothes that really matters. Smh.
  • angelala39So happy for you truly. Your Amazing Rachel and your Style and Clothing line is Maj.!!!!
  • dazedand_amusedWhy does it seem like every nosey bitch that has a haircut comment is pale 40lbs overweight and has like ren followers and no kids of their own. Shuuuuuddddup
  • wendyahlmanWe've never cut my son's hair. It's perfect and down to his waist!! We love it!!
  • da1jewlHe is GORGEOUS I love boys.. When I decide to have my baby I hope it's a boy with curly hair caramel complexion if not as long as he/she's healthy that's what really matters but boys are adorable and the clothes awww.. 🎈👣👣 sound of those little feet walking omg. I love kids👶💙
  • da1jewlHahaha she said 40lbs over weight etc etc lmbo You're the truth❗ 😝
  • lovedbyhannahandeli@rachelzoe how do I send Skyler some threads?!
  • merlin12@y_vazquez
  • caity_birdHe's weird
  • edoma71How cute you to are
  • mariaemendezSi yo creo todos los comentarios son los mismos que parece una nena no veo nada de malo que la gente se equivoque si tiene pelo largo creo su ropa deverian licit mas masculine el ya esta grande
  • mariaemendezEsa blusita es bien femenina la culpa es de la mama que no lo save vestir
  • gabgemelli@andieesimon
  • cristr1502@mariaemendez y el que tu no sepas escribir es culpa tuya o de tu mamá? El niño es hermoso y no hay nada de malo en la manera en lo que lo visten, Rachel es muy fashion-forward y es natural que también vista a su hijo de esa manera. Solo latinos y gringos podrían quejarse de algo así, en Europa a nadie le importaría un carajo porque todos los niños andan con ropa muy gender-neutral.
  • whereisdustinWhat a precious little girl!!
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