If these walls could talk...
  • secondavesagasIf these walls could talk...

  • roxiemika"*bugs bunny voice* oh agony, A-GOOOO-NYYYYYY"
  • eric11714Transferring from a recent Yankee game I saw this. It's a crime this station is allowed to get like this. City obviously feels the local constituents are not worth such respect.
  • secondavesagas@eric11714 this is an improvement from the mid 1990s though when this station had a constant stream of water running down that wall. It's what caused this damage.
  • glickdWho pays for station rehab? The city, or the State via the MTA?
  • mr.michaelmillerEmbracing the round bio good for you
  • box_box_boxMy sister once saw a woman pee on that platform
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