• dannyway🙏

  • layzieyezWhere is the squat station?
  • rickwm_Just need a pool table!:)
  • thetattooedyogiYou need a yoga space brother!
  • campyofcampyWhen is the plan b vid coming out?
  • nihilistkills\m/
  • corfieldty@layzieyez never skip leg day, right?
  • dannywayMirrors are coming . @caflores
  • dannywayAll the above/ diet too and never stop is the key .. I never stop training its part if my diet at now 39 .. I'm stronger than I was at 20 from living this way and feel like I have many years left from being so committed to what I learned from #Paulchek through the worst injury of my life @thezakdanielson
  • dannywayLove you bro @yorkatron
  • dannywayCopy that @zakromero
  • dannywayIts in there .. I move out the bench that's inside the squat rack ., I also squat on the ball . This is the part of what I do that I do not enjoy very much but do anyways so I can keep on my skateboarding path .. Much respect @layzieyez
  • dannywayHaha that's what's up @raboin442
  • jfcowell#suzinevell
  • j.baseball.9Dude your a legend @dannyway
  • layzieyez@cordieldty I worked legs so hard today, I fell over trying to get up when my legs decided to give out on me. Know your limits.
  • v.s_savsarale🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🔑
  • layzieyez@dannyway Thanks for the explanation. I was at the NSA Y ramp contest in Honolulu at the beginning of your professional career, and it's been great following your progression all these years.
  • cafloresThat's what I like to hear! Get them #swolefies.
  • drglock@dannyway I'm envious of your set up right here. I swear if I ever hit the lottery first thing I would do after buying a house would be to deck it out with a gym set up. Train hard and you're right, diet is key!
  • justincities@dannyway I have been skating since 13 and never been injured come last week dislocation of the shoulder playing one game of football all I can think about is healing to get back on the board, what I read in one of your old interviews and all the footage I grew up seeing of you taking some intense injuries and to bounce back and see you still push the wood and loving what you do is motivation! I salute you Danny a dream is to work with a skate company someday not all of us make it in skateboarding but to be apart and be around of it is a love and passion for it. Your legacy lives.
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