Congrats to @porphyrouspanda, our #HTxCatchingFire winner! Check back tomorrow for all our @TheHungerGames: #CatchingFire merch! #TickTock11
  • hottopicCongrats to @porphyrouspanda, our #HTxCatchingFire winner! Check back tomorrow for all our @TheHungerGames: #CatchingFire merch! #TickTock11

  • horoluffyHonestly, I'm not a fan and bet someone did something better. But this is coming from an art student so my point maybe bias.
  • thooidI drew this two years ago. I'm not trying to sound high and mighty guys, but 90% of the photos were just a clock or twenty photos of the same person. I am sorry I won instead, but I'm really excited so please quit.
  • darth_alexxWell I congratulate you @porphyrouspanda
  • lovelifemusicThe winner was picked at random.
  • german_overboardWeird I have that watch
  • thesaintofanarchy@rceliot Just quit kay? It's hot topics contest, so they have full right to choose who they want. It's sad. I post my personal opinion and have someone bitch at me and fight me over it, like fuck.
  • thesaintofanarchy@porphyrouspanda Congrats man, nice drawing
  • s.inactiveCongrats on winning. I love your entry @porphyrouspanda
  • bespectacledsloth@thatchickintheband Well let's get one thing straight right, Hun. After your initial comment I responded to you talking about why people were upset by showing what the rules said. You're the one that came back with a nasty comment about that "shit [being] a total overreaction."
  • thesaintofanarchy@rceliot You didn't have to respond at all, you could've rolled your eyes, think I'm an idiot, whatever. That's my whole personality, I get defensive, to the point where I come off incredibly rude. I know why people would've been upset, but they honestly dont have the right to talk about how much of a cop out it is that she won. It probably makes her feel terrible that everyone is saying she didn't deserve it. I'm sorry if I came off as a cuntasaur, but it probably does effect the winner when people react like that, all because they lost.
  • bespectacledsloth@thatchickintheband While I don't see anyone saying she didn't deserve it (Moreso than anything they were whining at HT for being morons) I do see what you mean. I apologize for my conduct.
  • thooidI think the funny thing is that I didn't even expect to win. I just posted it because I like watches and Catching Fire. Lol, I've never won anything in my life. Surprised me. Yet, I think my mom is more excited than I am.
  • thooidbut thanks guys @thatchickintheband @fameinjection
  • laurabradfordd@alleh124356 can we get a shirt with Caesar on it😂
  • rachelmarietravisCongrats!
  • slowdownraisinbranGoing to hottopic tomorrow...
  • starkidwhovian13Congrats!
  • hotfogI'm jealous 😭😭😭😭 but congrats @porphyrouspanda
  • aalllyyyssssaaaaaWoah!
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