• paulocoelho01/ 10 VIVA ST THÉRÈSE DE LISIEUX

  • andaluciaevLittle Therese of child Jesus :) 🙏😌
  • soulsarita#amem
  • fabi_menezes_carvalhoNasci no dia dela e ver meu autor preferido postando essa foto é um presente de aniversário maravilhoso! !!
  • leipupuI used to pray to her all the time, wasn't she the@youngest saint? There is a St. Theresa in Mt. View, Hawaii! Wow mahalo for this post! Great to see her ; )🙏
  • robbiegovusPray for us X
  • cladeiraSimplicity...
  • ladygwrightI love her
  • dalvesd@lulumend @laurinha_mend
  • silveiratati@alkmist, me segue, sou muito sua fã, amo tudo que vc escreve...
  • ivonakoAnother new lesson... "If a little flower could talk, it seems to me it would say what God had done for it quite simply and without concealment. It would not try to be humble by saying it was unattractive and without scent, that the sun had destroyed its freshness or the wind its stem, when all the time it knew it was quite the opposite." Thank you @alkmist.
  • ivonakoI often feel silly and little but I made a commitment, so please consider the meeting :)
  • morganvossPray for us 🙏
  • marlenecabelloMinha Santa do coração ❤️❤️❤️
  • marlenecabelloAlkmist sta Terezinha abençoe todos nos ....Amém ...
  • madziolka89it's my patron I got third name of her Magdalena Maria Teresa :-) I love her
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