We get a kick out of #boots. You? #fall #Kohls
  • kohlsWe get a kick out of #boots. You? #fall #Kohls

  • kohls@guitarist4christ We like your #style!
  • cheyennehollywoodBoots are the one thing I do like about fall!
  • chelsimarieeThe one thing your website needs is a find in store link!! The people at my store are so rude when I call to ask.. @kohls
  • emilythebaker@kohls it was on the 8th this month!
  • debrajean57Cute!!!!!!' Sz 6 1/2 please,,,,?
  • tmanjari108I want!!! Do they come in size 9?
  • mrsamandajgarciaI will have too get these!!!
  • kohlsSorry to hear that @chelsimariee - but thanks for letting us know!
  • kohls@serenas_tears, these adorable booties are on sale for $48.99. Enter the Web ID 94040008 into Kohls.com to get more info (or just head to the store nearest you!).
  • kohlsWe couldn't agree more @amandajgarcia!
  • brinalifeShoot I'm at kohls right now and not finding them :( what brand are they? The look like lc's
  • kohlsHey @brinalife! These boots are actually by SO! LC does have similar ankle booties as well. If you don't find these in the store, let us know and we'll give you the Web ID so you can order them online and have them shipped directly to your door.
  • ermw0@kohls Can I have the ID number for these booties?!? I can't find them online and they are adorable!!
  • ermw0@kohls Nevermind!! I found them!!! I didn't recognize them in the brown color
  • kohlsPhew, shoe shopping crisis averted @mserinmariewitt! We are SO glad you found them! Snap a pic and include the hashtag #kohls
  • holly_t_3I love these. Do they still have them in store @kohls
  • kaeoli16Im in love with these (: Do they still have them in store ?? Pleaseee tell me they do !! @kohls
  • rachel1jbI got these yesterday :)
  • matchanova_You sell it?
  • matchanova_How do I buy
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