Breaking bad
  • itsashbenzoBreaking bad

  • careless_carebear@lenabodden Wikipedia, Facebook, IMDB...etc.
  • careless_carebear@lenabodden Wikipedia. This is all on Wikipedia. And George only has one sister named Maria Jacquemtton. Nice try. He's not your Uncle honey. And he's 58.
  • careless_carebear*Jacquemetton
  • r.bhutoria@mandathepandapants back at ya cause yanno, but for real IT WAS AMAZING. JUST OMG!
  • sammmi_chen@lenabodden you may be telling the truth, but all that information is posted up around the internet; almost all famous people's family and friends and other shit are up. Maybe you did get it from Wikipedia, and you're denying it. Seriously. Like @welcometo_myblackparade said, you should get a photo of you and this uncle of yours. And you met the cast? Get a photo of them with you too. That's how you can prove it to us.
  • kell__xoPersonally @lenabodden I don't believe you at all. Lol. You're getting so defensive over it, and because I was so curious I looked him up on Wikipedia and other sites, he only has one sibling, his sister like @welcometo_myblackparade said. So I very highly doubt he's your uncle. But don't feel stupid we all wish we could be related to someone famous ;)!.
  • kell__xoBUT @lenabodden I could be wrong, and if so I'll eat my words. If you want to prove it just post a picture. He's your uncle you should have photos somewhere around your house, in a family photo album, and I'm sure you'll have pictures with your "cousins" his kids. :)
  • killaaaaxkeyIt matters why? @kfehily_xo
  • yeiizunigadivaa <3
  • charentsHaha.
  • kell__xo@mmmkandi I'm bored and want some entertainment. The internet is the best place for it.
  • kell__xoLmfao @lenabodden you're truly stupid. I never asked anyone to care to what I am saying :) and him only having a sister has a lot to do with it, him being your "uncle" would mean his sister is YOUR mom. That's how the family tree works idiot. You're getting so defensive because you know you're lying, and now you're embarrassed. So do yourself the favour and stop while you can. You're a joke.
  • _aaliyahjoy@lauralaflamme A Tv Show...
  • catherinepadalecki@miamil0ve hm?
  • ashbenzozz@itsashbenzo hi ashley u have never notice me but I still love u to the moon
  • munnchoogorgeous
  • brittanypirtleisaloserI miss that show but guess what we still have #pll so let's enjoy it while we still have it.
  • shenelwAshley, grow out your hair again! It looks absolutely gorgeous long. Not that you don't look stunning with short hair, but you have this amazing beauty with long hair that is unbeatable.
  • hannaberglun.dLol
  • pam_nuneeslove u
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