@ryanblock's lifehack for getting more ketchup.
  • veronica@ryanblock's lifehack for getting more ketchup.

  • dennisnestorThank you Buzz....
  • opiakYou're supposed to blow into it prior ..
  • siluahI just use a fountain drink lid
  • littlemelindaI thought these were oysters covered in ketchup at first. Ew! Really should wear my glasses more...
  • reidgoberI've done this before, saw it on buzzfeed or someplace like that
  • 305vicLmao OMG!
  • urbantekYou guys know the ketchup cups are free right? No need to smush em for more ketchup
  • frozenwalkwayIts not smush its expansion
  • amshafferBut, really. The cups are free. In all restaurants. Ever.
  • maryteresa79But the environment!!!! 💚👍
  • russelbuttAlso, less things to carry and less waste!
  • jordsnodKetchup is an inferior condiment. #condimentsnob
  • hashtag_gates@veronica even better than unraveling the ketchup cups, pour the fries out and use the container for ketchup it's perfect!
  • beardedgeek72Friend of mine always asks for an empty paper cup (coffee kind)
  • _joonsonMy friend blows inside the ketchup cup to make it bigger.. Kinda disgusting, but he gets to eat all of his fries.
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