Congrats to our #GoJaneWinShoes winner, @1lovedgr8ly! Today's the last day to enter for a chance to win shoes!  Follow us, IG your shoe collection, and hashtag #gojanewinshoes for a chance to win. Good luck! #gojane #justdoit #freeshoesisfreeshoes #contest #win #free #shoes #shoeporn #style #fashion #instagood #instadaily #follow #heels #platforms #giveaway #sweepstakes
  • gojaneCongrats to our #GoJaneWinShoes winner, @1lovedgr8ly! Today's the last day to enter for a chance to win shoes! Follow us, IG your shoe collection, and hashtag #gojanewinshoes for a chance to win. Good luck! #gojane #justdoit #freeshoesisfreeshoes #contest #win #free #shoes #shoeporn #style #fashion #instagood #instadaily #follow #heels #platforms #giveaway #sweepstakes

  • naturally_gorgeous1Kmsl
  • ebyspice@neekz17 EXACTLY then she said we was broke I just bowed out after that one....why we had to be broke cause we wanted clarity? I own many shoes and none from go Jane so I said what the hell and sweat off my back! Im waiting on 3 pair of shoes as we type from the ups man...but im broke tho!! Ok I'll be broke
  • ebyspice@jennyfrijole u feel me
  • ebyspiceChild please it's not about being pressed just hold a contest and don't switch up during it to please the ones complaining that people with shoes were winning!! Y'all seem pressed to even get in this!! #next
  • ebyspice@neekz17 they calling us mad but it's not about the shoes just keep the contest what it was!! Trust me a pair of go Jane shoes isn't hurting or pressing me at all this is funny and I got time to waste cause im broke
  • ravishing_oneTo neek or whatever who said y'all have no lives ?? Lol baby girl go read it again because clearly you are seeing things THANK YOU. If y'all wasn't mad or "HATING" y'all wouldn't have said such negative things!! Let her shoe collection be little but I bet they are going to add to her collection tho.... Ahhhhh smh
  • xobeaaa@ebyspice i just find it funny that they tell us not to put ppl down ( which we werent) but then they put us down. Too much hypocrisy man. No ones beggin for one pair of shoes. Lol oh well let us hating broke bitches stay broke and stay hating i guess. 💁
  • naturally_gorgeous1Naaaaah I said all the comments were petty because of some damn shoes. Cleary it must have been a issue with yall be rite these big ass comments. That ARE unnecessary to a supposedly "Fake" contest.
  • xobeaaaOh and as for they are going to add to her collection... Yes one damn pair of shoes. Didnt know that was a huge accomplishments.
  • ravishing_oneCLEARLY I DIDNT!! CAN YOU PLEASE SHOW ME WHERE I SAID THAT BOO @neekz17 because I didn't but I DID SAY y'all were haters though so PLEASE GO REREAD MY COMMENTS ... :)
  • naturally_gorgeous1Ummmmm Mad or Naw???? Lmao
  • ebyspice@neekz17 I didn't even tag my good shoes 😭😂😩😩😩😩 I knew they wouldn't pick those any way! But that's why they think I'm broke I'm still laughing at that
  • jennyfrijole@ebyspice @neekz17 I totally feel both of you. Ask for clarification and suddenly people are, ahem - "FAKE !!!" "HATERS!!!!!" "Broke" "MAD". Why? None of said one nasty thing about this photo. And the more intelligently we write our comments the madder people seem to get. I don't understand the capitals and multiple exclamations. Is that yelling? Are we fighting? We were just pointing out what we thought was a confusing aspect of the contest. Now its just getting silly. I am not heated over this - but I am entertained by how heated other people are getting.
  • emila002When I'm back home in Miami ill take a photo of my collection for you. Study abroad sucks for this reason only... You can't bring all your favorite shows with you.
  • xobeaaa@jennyfrijole @ebyspice real shit man! I have plenty of shoes and i didnt even enter. If i want shoes ill buy them. Contests like this are for fun... One damn pair of shoes will not change anyones life and im pretty darn sure none of us are mad that someone else won lol. It was clearly stated that other contestants had a wider better collection than the chosen winners. How in the hell are we mad if we are saying other ppl should have won lol. For god sakes they think we are that petty? Who hates over this shit? Lol and uh
  • xobeaaa@sogoofyquita no one directly said u said we have no lives... But u budded in and decided to comment and u didnt say that u never said we have no lives and that i need to reread ur comments u said no one said it and that i should reread the comments. Be clear hun. Cuz at the end of the damn day.... No one was talkin to u to begin with lol
  • thatsteneisha@1lovedgr8ly congrats to you! that's a cute pic.
  • 1lovedgr8ly@thatsteneisha thankyou!
  • gojane@ebyspice and other commenters! We apologize the rules weren't clear to some of you on how we picked our winners! The winners were chosen at random and it was not based on the size of their collection. We wish we could give all our fans free shoes, but thanks for entering, and stay tuned for our next contest :) xo GJ
  • deyburnleySo are you guys picking one more today?
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