Underwater coral...or desert cactus?
  • m_shinodaUnderwater coral...or desert cactus?

  • _anya_khan_Album ну вы поняли
  • nickeelishaMike I was thinking linkin park should make an iphone 5
  • nickeelishaCase
  • moveyouremindDesert cactus
  • chesternipples@a_stoupa "yes he likes to play around with bands , in his personal life" "didn't mike fix a band called fort minor" "I like y name proud lp , yeah proud to be fan of som1 who likes to pick up girls from the internet , yeah u r right I'm the hilarious one lol""this wey he is saying to her I saw y pic" "cos that would really affended m" Yo stoupa, you sound like a bored 14 year old boy who just got introduced to the Internet. Normally I don't slip on my asshole suit in public, nor do I reply to mouth-runners like you simply due to the fact that you only spit this shit to see how many replies you get, but I just happen find your comments particularly hilarious. Feel flattered and read closely (which I know you won't but I'm enjoying typing this too much to stop). I suggest that if you want other people on the Internet to take your bullshit seriously, you should start typing like a human being and practicing your logic. I see kids like you everywhere stirring up pathetically-structured drama for pleasure all the time. Also, more advice- do your research. I don't even need to go into detail with that. Do the soldiers a favor and hand your iPhone to someone who knows how to use one, or at least someone who can type properly.
  • austin_lambLooks like a desert cactus to me
  • ria_feat_lp@chesternipples yes... Right!
  • m_borlazaAmen, @chesternipples !!
  • wulan_bdellian@chesternipples couldn't agree more
  • adrodesaplease..end comment for this..
  • derp_derp14Its called cacti for single and catus for more than 2
  • danyg160679@chesternipples good comment! I agree with you!
  • _lebrownie_@chesternipples you're the shit! *gives high five* ✋
  • chestercharlesbenningtonO.o
  • michelleshoshanaLovely
  • _kaiburnsDesert cactus cause there are mountains in the background on the right bottom corner
  • valentina_isarijovaDesert looks like peyote!!!
  • lpyairallendeDesert Cactus
  • andycarolinagomes*-*
  • fergrsmza.949Desert cactus sonora <3 @m_shinoda
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