• mateofischerMy unofficial home the past few weeks.

  • joeweb10@mateofischer you are the luckiest guy. Get to go to so many games in a beautiful park.
  • mateofischer@joeweb10 I'm pretty lucky, but the people who get to go to Oriole Park have it better off.
  • joeweb10@mateofischer if only I could hawk 20 games a year at Turner Field. Only hawked 1 time and snagged 5 without full BP by Braves and no BP from mets.
  • mateofischer@joeweb10 Yeah, I wish I could have gone there as a better ballhawk. I want to say I "only" averaged around 5 BPG when I was there.
  • joeweb10@mateofischer I developed all my hawking skills at MiLB games this year. Ill hawk more at the Ted more next year, with a better retrieval device also.
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