Lavo's party animal
  • sofiavergaraLavo's party animal

  • filippaahmanParty❤❤😍❤
  • latinlezAfter reading all the comments, I am so lost.. Lmao what did she say that was so wrong??
  • damiancitosmommy@faseka66, do some research before you speak!
  • mneeramoe@laamafn this is so u 😩
  • laamafn@mneeramoe looooooool y7azin 😔💔
  • verrateixeiraQ sono gostoso!
  • faseka66@cali143am @sofitapatia @nahimeyanez @omnipotensmente , I didn't know people on instagram were such bullies, I comment because I can, why are people so worry about her making comments in English, learn the language, most people in Europe know 2 and 3 languages at least. Oh and btw....I'm sure she came to USA looking for her American dream and found it but I'm sure it was not an easy road.
  • faseka66@niloufcb I'm Colombian and NO, she was never this famous in her native country, she was a model an maybe a rising star, she started doing some modeling here and made some cheap movies and shows, but it's the modern family show that made her really famous.....
  • catag24@faseka66 Yo tambien soy colombiana y sí! ella sí era famosa aqui! Todo el mundo la conoce antes de Modern Family... Desde el comercial de pepsi.
  • ica3512@catag24 tienes toda la razón! Yo no soy colombiana y se que ella era famosa desde antes, no como ahora claro esta, porque ahora es una estrella internacional. Pero de que era famosa lo era!
  • wbg06She was famous in Colombia!
  • jennhelmEl que REALMENTE es COLOMBIANO sabe quien es ella, y si es famoza desde hace mucho!! Ella en la television hispana Americana Univision, con Fernando Fiore, periodista, presentadores de un programa, en los 90's @faseka66
  • faiga_laGet a life people.... The one that should be upset or defending her comments is Sofia and she doesn't even care.....why do you? Instagram police 👮 ... Loosers!
  • makymejia@faseka66 you are no one! Shut up! Sofia is known every where because of her not because USA has loved her! Her contry, her people, her talent is what have got her where she is now!
  • makymejia@sofiavergara COLOMBIA LOVES YOU! Olvida lo que el monton de gringos critican
  • silvialozanojJuaaaaaaa, lo máximo!!!! 😆
  • mikegibson76Who cares about any of this. Let's all argue over a celebrity life. I'm sure she's having the same discussion about all of you. Doubt it. !
  • ozgeaksoyaksu@sofiavergara chocolate walls :)
  • jennifer_gute@christina_aievoli yea we had that table NBD
  • katxdoucette✌🏻️
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