• dooceBroadway

  • danielcwhiteWelcome @dooce
  • truecancer75Yea welcome. Enjoy your stay
  • wwwindylouWhat the hell! I'm in Memphis this weekend.
  • fishstickedIs that what they call "cosmic bowling" in Tennessee?
  • f.u.l.l.yYou should go to Roberts Western World. It's the best honky tonk on Lower Broad.
  • flibbityfluDear me. We were in SLC. You're here. Make sure and hit Robert's. It's the best of Broadway!
  • halftimejayMusic City!! Are you going to the Omni Nashville opening on Monday Heather? @Dooce
  • dadcationBBQ at Jack's is a must!
  • amsd2dthDon't forget Tootsie's
  • pointerbGo to Jenis for ice cream.
  • kelligauthier@dooce, you are two miles from my house! Don't be alarmed if I send my urban chickens out scouting for you. Also, please eat at Jeni's; it will change your life.
  • xtannecJeni's is NAUGHTY.... and delicious... and that gravel. mmmmmmm
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