Had the funniest man in America in tonight at Hell's Kitchen !! @keeganMkey
  • gordongramHad the funniest man in America in tonight at Hell's Kitchen !! @keeganMkey

  • _whelchelfamily_Did he look you in the eye sockets?
  • shimmyyawshimmyyaylmao you're looking suspiciously cheeky, Gordon... :D
  • xecnyxI love you
  • changlesNice haircut :D
  • forbidinjusticeSo awesome, Chef! x
  • migimillerLove you Gordon xxxx
  • 1freeredI luv ya Gordon!!! If you ever want to throw a wrench into the red and blue teams; then I'm your girl. I can cook just not very well most of the time
  • spencesmithCheck this out @akthomas17 @priyast
  • melissa_curruthersGood morning Gordon! You're soo incredibly awesome and a badass. Watched you on Kitchen Nightmares. I love how you're honest, blunt and in the face of the cooks when you're trying to help them, and they're being obstinate and stubborn about change. Keep it up because you're making the restaurant world a better, cleaner and safer atmosphere. Sending love, prayers, support and positive vibes your way. -Gia
  • chriscase38No Ferrari pictures :(
  • averyjohnson44I freaking love you. 😘
  • _janiceomgI fuckinh love you!!! You're a fucking god and my idol!!! YOURE GOINH TO HEAVEN.. Omg biggest fan right here. You are the reason why I am so dedicated to cooking and dedicated to going to school.. You turned my life around!!!
  • dimal1509Hi Gordon and you can give me a couple of recipes? thank
  • imkarenhi gordon, i m from hong kong n i really enjoy your show. every time when i watch hell's kitchen, i want to cook n eat. u r such an inspiration! n funny too. wish to visit your restaurant soon ;D
  • callalilygirlPost pictures of the children under @masterchefjunior they are way talented for their food not to be posted under the show's page! Please let me know if you need someone to man the IG account, that's a service I offer. Either way please post. @foxtv Thanks
  • camerasound@missgeeks!
  • zaitoun12You're my idol chef. I try to learn as much as I can from you. People need to start reading you're books and watching more of you. Hopefully one day I'll be half the chef you are. @gordongram I'd love for an apprenticeship
  • simonsyw1008Oh my god! He was played you before and it's really funny
  • dxrummer@shut_up_dont_care
  • naniboo4OMFG! 😱😍 I love him @dxrummer
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