• champagnepapi416416416

  • luke5283839Ah that's cool
  • marianam817Not a Day Passes By that im Not listening to your voice and Looking at your pictures ;)
  • double.baked@mokashh hate to break it to you bud but that's toronto in the background. You can see the cn tower kinda peekig from the condo blocking it and the td building. You can't see Detroit at all in that picture since its not around toronto
  • shesaprincessThis is such a lovely view, oh my snap :o -writes down new place to visit on bucket list-
  • garyharris93The city is mine
  • see_noevil_talknoevil_hearnoevMeet there♥ @champagnepapi imma wish on one hand and shit on the other haa! @champagnepapi
  • kaytwin_x🌃
  • gayyy.elizaaabeth4⃣1⃣64⃣1⃣64⃣1⃣6 👏
  • supremee__98 
  • _i.wanderlust_So, according to your hot 97 interview, you're lookin' for a wing-woman, I'll be the Bonnie to your Clyde
  • cind.yy@sophiebendele si tu n'es pas encore abonnée à cette page tu passes à côté de ta vie ! DRAAAAKE 💜💜💜.
  • sophiebendeleHahahaha je vais m'abonner ! Mais j'ai pas besoin de m'abonner pour qu'il sache que je l'aime du plus profond de mon coeur ! 😍 @c_bartell
  • princess___tierneyI love you so much.
  • glaam_loveJust hold on we're going home @champagnepapi #champagnepapi #nwts
  • siciliangsb92Letz blaze when you come to htown!!!! Mayne I'd do anything for that opportunity!!
  • darealpatriceHope u see this.. Hard to get ahold of u.. Maybe I can take YOU out for a change.. We'll see.. DC 10/31 @champagnepapi
  • indie_marieDrake i so love you...write me once please it would make my day
  • truubandz_ferroIm your biggest male fan , I've been rockin with you since day one you've impacted my life in a major way your my idol/role model im gonna follow in your foot steps music wise because your music touches people can thats tge type of music I wanna make, im gonna meet you one nd im gonna take notes nd learn from one of the best that ever did it
  • yildaaa_Papi chuloo💍
  • lolindigoTomorrow is 4/16 OMG
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