Watercolors and salt for this morning's #creativetable
  • shanachristineWatercolors and salt for this morning's #creativetable

  • angaletaLove this! My kids are having so much fun with salty watercolors...
  • ericafaithwalkerTheir hair needs their own IG account. Awesome!
  • shanachristine@ericafaithwalker love it, lol!! It's funny, I'm so used to crazy hair I barely even notice it anymore....OMG we prob should buy a comb...
  • shanachristine@angaleta - do you add the salt in, or just have them sprinkle it on?
  • angaletaI let them sprinkle it on the paint and then watch the marble effect, add it to paint sounds interesting... But add this And you should know I want to say something: I love bed hair all day long!
  • shanachristine@angaleta - you'd fit right in over here!!
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