Goodbye London.
  • brittsnowhuhGoodbye London.

  • brittanysnowblizzardsJoy to the world "what world?" The Lord has come "he has?" Earth he she redeem "bitch please" her king, try queen. "Gods a women!"😂😂😂😂 ILY CHALD
  • madeleinejean_This is a beautiful shot
  • erin_hewitt_When u first watched I thought that's what britt did @brittanysnowblizzards
  • emmaweflenI LOVE THAT VIDEO SOSOSOSO MUCH AHH @brittanysnowblizzards
  • gayforschillingI love you mommy. @brittsnowhuh
  • brittanysnowblizzardsHAHAAH
  • brittanysnowblizzards@erinisawesome112 HAHAHAHAHHA
  • lizzy_yeee:( "bye anna"
  • bethzy.espirituNext stop Philippines pretty please i love you so much it would mean my life to me when you go here and meet you please Britt u r my idol and role model and everything please! :(( 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
  • isthats0fiaThere i was too :))
  • diahnuhhI LUV THE PHILIPPINES!!! @bethzyhuh
  • bethzy.espirituthat's cool @hakuna_matata526 ! where are you?
  • lauraquinn23@brittsnowhuh I love the fact that you were in london (where I live) and you are an amazing actress with whatever role you play!! Weather that be Chloe from pitch perfect , Kate from John tucker must die or amber from hairspray etc!! Haha xx
  • dreamyselenaHey Brittany!!! I just wanted to say merry Christmas!!! Today in Australia, it is my birthday. 27th of December. It is kind of my 1 year anniversary of being one of your biggest fans! Last year on this very day was the first time I started supporting you, and obsessing about you - via pitch perfect. I know you're a very busy person but if you would take the time to notice me today it would make my birthday complete! I don't have many friends, so I have to make do with who I have. I'm sad to admit not one of them has wished me a happy birthday and I'm heartbroken. I know that you know what it's feels like...and to be noticed by my beautiful idol on this very special day would be so fantastic! I'm turning 14 and I feel so proud to have you as my idol - my favourite birthday present was a 'love is louder' tshirt!!! I have loved your movement so much! It has helped me in so many ways!
    So please as a birthday/ Christmas present to me Britt, notice me. I know you're such a busy person I know, but please take the time to read this and know how glad I am to have you in my life. Thank you, thank you, thank you. For being YOU. - quote by Brittany snow.
    I love you so much Brittany, please take the time to notice me today on my 14th birthday/ late christmas. Thank you xx
  • _justine_v_Gosh I wish i was there. You came to Europe and I couldn't go there to maybe meet you. I hope you'll come back to Europe. :)
  • sol.edbeautifulllll<3
  • majormariaOmfg you was in London and I wasn't.💔
  • sarahbutler211Don't leave want to meet you xx @brittsnowhuh
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