When it comes to wearing white after Labor Day, are you more like this? Or....
  • southernlivingmagWhen it comes to wearing white after Labor Day, are you more like this? Or....

  • janesouthwellNot in South Carolina unless it is Winter White!!
  • reginadhopperNow THIS is more like it! West what makes you feel good!
  • justchasingcharmWinter white!
  • wendybirdrYea!!
  • therealabeezeyNo
  • sbmirckI never wear white shoes after Labor Day. Winter whites and creams...sure. I usually complete my white looks with nude shoes anyways.
  • margaret_livingstonOnly in the Bahamas.... Or New York.
  • alexandrabeeblogI wear white through September...the weather here certainly still feels like summer so why not dress like it?
  • sarahlivesyoga@fannypackattack told you so!
  • princesnowfarmYes!!!!this is it!!!
  • amberlgarnerI'm more traditional - Only winter white after Labor Day. Even teaching my twin 5 mon old daughters the rules : )
  • satxgalNo way....not in this Texas heat. White is almost year round.
  • buckeyefilleIt's about the weather, not the date. Wouldn't wear white in the snow, but if its still 95?of course I'll wear it!
  • kmkniplingDepends on where you live!
  • debbie_wstevensAgree! White is always in! Just no linen or seersucker after labor day
  • jackiecoombsNevaaa evaaa. No white after Labor Day PERIOD!
  • jillywaggsI won't be limited by a silly old rule. Plus I'm from south Florida... We wear white all year long!
  • ceg3photoAmen!! ~SoFla girl
  • ceg3photoWinter whites anyone??
  • ceg3photoTalk about modern camo, in the snow?? Love it!!
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