Happy Labor Day! Have a cardi party, and pick up all of our cardigan colors under the sun, and save 40% off your purchase thru store close (in store) & 11:59PM PT (online)! #LaneBryant
  • lanebryantHappy Labor Day! Have a cardi party, and pick up all of our cardigan colors under the sun, and save 40% off your purchase thru store close (in store) & 11:59PM PT (online)! #LaneBryant

  • patricia_castelo@missmins82 @lanebryant YES price has gone up so much and the quality not liking when I cross the boarder use to be able to come back with bags of new stuff now hardly buy anything WHAT HAPPEN @lanebryant
  • ms.blair252Stop complaining please. I Love LB! I PAY FOR QUALITY AND DNT MIND AT ALL
  • susierm1Yes ! We want the same clothes as everyone else ! Except in out size !! Don't put flowers or sparkles on everything !! Basics! Like tank tops and t-shirts that are longer and tighter to cover our bellies not wider and shorter like sponge bob square pants!!skinny stretchy jeans and Nice stuff not pink and rainbows everywhere!!
  • lwilder1498I just wish I could find tall pants at the store or online... Seems like they never have them :( love their stuff though!
  • tisaknowsbest@ms_blair252 With all due respect, I don't view these comments as complaints. I view these comments as "constructive consumer feedback " and hope "the powers that be" @lanebryant will them in the same light. I've been a customer for decades and the quality, style &selection are just not the same. The reality is that the options for plus size fashions are growing. And sooner before later, some retailer will get it right and @lanebryant will no longer corner the market. And when that happens @lanebryant will be about as relevant as Kmart is in a Walmart world. Just because you're plus size doesn't mean you have to settle for mediocre fashion.
  • warfield12I just hope @lanebryant really views our comments
  • danieknows@lanebryant What happened to RightFit? I was a yellow 3 but no
  • mrscivinskiI agree with @tisaknowsbest and @susierm1 we want what is on trend in our size! No more gaudy tops! REAL pant options and sweaters that don't stretch out as you wear them. I won't shop at LB until the quality of their clothing matches the price.
  • danieknows^^^^*But now I can't find them anywhere...also tall pants and denim is very scarce.
  • a.is.for.annaLike everything else in life, you gotta keep it in perspective. Trend is subjective to an individual's style. If "young" is what you're looking for, you have plenty of options, sime of which you've already mentioned. The stores right now are carrying the most variety in denim I've ever seen and the wear to work essentials are updated with new fits and trends. Today's a good day to check them out if you're reluctant, 40% off Labor day sale.
  • a.is.for.annaPS ny favorite thing(s) in @lanebryant - CACIQUE bras and panties. :)
  • melgoza_nessIm 30 and find the trends to be very nice....a little of business that I need for work and then fun tees distressed jeans for the weekends
  • summafayeLane Bryant used to be more on trend when it was owned by the limited corp. They had famous spokeswoman ie: Anna Nicole Smith and carried clothes that were fairly similar to the regular size limited owned stores. When they sold off LB over a decade ago it was bought by charming shoppes they own fashion bug so I am sure you would understand the shift in quality and style. It was just sold again last year to the company that owns dress barns. Now, I haven't been in many dress barns because being a plus size woman I try to avoid shopping at any place that associates me with having to shop for clothes that fit me in a place with "barn" in the title....hahaha. But in all seriousness I have I can't say that dress barn company is the reason the clothes have not gotten better but, I can tell you this; nothing will change until they stop making money. If you continue to give them your money then I hope you enjoy silly screen print tees and stretchy elastic in all your sleeves and boxy to short tops and other assorted pieces of clothing that hurt my eyes when I see them. I don't shop at LB anymore and I have had to for my whole 32 years of life. I shop more specialty and a lot from old navy they may not carry plus size in the store anymore but they sell basis and other pieces that don't make me ashamed to be seen by others. Ladies, you have to send LB a message with your pocketbooks!! @lanebryant
  • summafayeI forgot to mention that old navy sells plus size on the website.
  • susierm1Dress barn!!! So no more!! LB fly me out to your wear house and ill triple your profits!!!
  • natasha2477@summafaye agree with you all the way!
  • summafaye@susierm1 no, there will always be LB it is now what they consider the top tier store of the company. LB won't start becoming dress barns or anything.
  • nicckkeySometimes the trend do change. I like when the clothes lool more hip to everyone that may be a plus size. Rather your 18 or older. I also feel the color shirts should be cut a little longer. Maybe about 2 inches
  • tisaknowsbest@nicckkey Yes the shirts are too boxy and not long enough.
  • featherheather81I agree. I have a long torso and an apple shape. None of the shirts look good on me. The buyer must assume all women have a narrow waist and wide hips
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