This cover doesn't say "prime minister", this cover says "Tony Abbot just farted".
  • illyalThis cover doesn't say "prime minister", this cover says "Tony Abbot just farted".

  • cononor__It says 'I'm a right old cunt'
  • morgsla@jcjdiamond that made absolutely no sense whatsoever
  • jcjdiamondit makes perfect sense @morrrgaaanx they weren't direct quotes from tony so I didn't I dentify them as quotes as for the rest it was quite obviously sarcasm
  • mad_wedDo we though?
  • paul_sprayPlease no
  • paul_sprayWe need Tony like we need a hole in the head. Only hope now is when he gets elected his own party puts a knife in his back
  • kaelbruhbruhbruhIf you think Kevin Rudd (or Palmer or Katter for that matter) are any better than you're kidding yourselves. The thing that the Liberal party can at least offer, if nothing else, is a better economy.
  • lilychanterso many political comments and i can't stop laughing at his ears.
  • _jackwilson20@tiskael did Australia go into recession when the rest of the world did? Think labour are doing a fine job with the economy
  • tris___10@_jackwilson20 maybe thats because of the huge surplus that liberal created and our bank legislation thats thanks to liberal ideas, next to none of the credit for going alright in the gfc should go to labour. Talk to anyone who is in small business and what theyve all got in common is a hatred of what labour has done
  • _jackwilson20@tristandeall my dad owns a cafe and he can't stand liberal so there I asked? All the liberals are going to do is make huge cuts and say hey look at the money we've saved
  • tris___10@_jackwilson20 mmmm dunno why ya dad hates liberal, his life would be a lot easier as a small business owner if they got in. Yeah they will make cuts but thats the only way out of the situation we're in because of all the careless spending of labour. Socialists are great at spending other people's money
  • _jackwilson20@tristandeall because he's been a small business owner with both parties in and was better off with labour
  • naancyhRupert Murdoch owns News Corp Australia, therefore most of the newspaper companies in Australia, and also Foxtel. He's been making Abbott look good and Rudd look bad during the 2013 election campaign so nobody votes for Rudd. This is all because Rudd's NBN plan is 10x better than Abbotts, and Murdoch doesn't want us ditching Foxtel to download 100% of our tv shows/movies from the great Internet we all could have.
  • astrogirl_leah@naancyh 👏👏👏
  • naancyh@astrogirl_leah haha, thanks 😊
  • kaelbruhbruhbruh@_jackwilson20 than you haven't looked at the stats. The only reason Australia survived the GFC was because of the surplus the Liberals left behind. Just because your dad's business did better during the last six years rather than back in 2006 doesn't mean that he wouldn't have done better under liberal. If he was doing worse now than he was six years ago than his business would've had no natural growth and I wouldn't trust even his basic economic skills. @tristandeall knows what he's talking about. And no, this election is not being fixed by Murdoch in order to prevent better internet and keep foxtel, that's stupid. Murdoch is posed to make more off internet than without. Labor's NBN is much better, but is extremely unaffordable and uneconomically. A lambo is better than a Honda, doesn't mean you buy one when you can't afford your home mortgage. @naancyh and I love that the labour state government is being investigated by ICAC for corruption. They ran this state into the ground and everyone knows it. @rhysoconnell anyone who thinks either major party is good is blind to what's really going on, but at least liberals allow us to function.
  • rhysoconnell@tiskael don't get me wrong, I'm not saying either party is good, but it's always easier for people to criticise the government in power, Which we are going to see when Tony Abbott is running the country haha.
  • kaelbruhbruhbruh@rhysoconnell very true, but the fact is that the liberals are at least united when they fuck up. Labor has knifed two of its PM's in succession.
  • rhysoconnellAlso true @tiskael, labor has done very little to help themselves.
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