It's never been a better time to acquire some art by @jenrosenstein, who just got dumped cold turkey. Ouch! is where it's at!
  • jason_mrazIt's never been a better time to acquire some art by @jenrosenstein, who just got dumped cold turkey. Ouch! is where it's at!

  • camnsyd.mamaSuch a fan @jason_mraz
  • kyliieejoyI can't wait to see you in about 39 mins!!! So excited!! I just got your cat t-shirt! I love the cat idea!!
  • chysterrFirst time seeing you live today in Santa Barbara and tears of happiness were running down my face. You are such an inspiration and extremely down to earth. Thank you for sharing your energy and good vibes!
  • dianna_diazz@jason_mraz please marry @sam_amy
  • dianna_diazz@jason_mraz @sam_amy will bear you children
  • nnathasya💙💙💙💙
  • gimei2810
  • _ickynikkithis looks like my kitty! we saw this at the sf show and thought it was so funny! ❤
  • flowmasterofdisasterThank you... For every smile you've put on my face. You fucken did it
  • nrfannisaLove cat <3
  • manumuitococota🐱
  • ojitozpepI want...
  • rhonda63961U like cats
  • hoorayhoi want that
  • autisticandewLove this!!
  • barrys_n_bo😻😻😻
  • marcusniggliFew weeks ago (December 14) you did a show in São Paulo-Brazil and I was right in the front of the stage! The show was perfect, the best of my live! But something strange happened that night. Well every fan wants some thing of their favorite artist to take home as a way to save that moment for ever ( a simple pick for example). So as a huge fan that I am, I was hoping for the same thing and now is where the funny part comes. That night you threw three picks to the crowd all three fell really close to me, one of them even hit my head and then the girl next to me took it. I actually was ok with that but then in the end of the show you threw your cap, this cap in the picture (or other one that was identical to this one), and it fell right in front of me. And this one I could not miss so I almost jumped over the barrier to catch it and my finger was 1 cm from it when suddenly a fireman came, took it and instead of giving me he gave it to an other girl!! Man I got so upset with that. I steel can't understand why he did it 😔 Well but it the end I just remembered how awesome that show was and i got to enjoy the rest of the night! But @jason_mraz I can certainly say that I will remember this cap for the rest of my live and the good thing is that what happened just made me admire you more! So hope you come back soon to Brazil because I can wait to an other show!! Thanks again for the show, your awesome @jason_mraz ✌️
  • mrazziepieI would cry if that were me @marcusniggli
  • mymaysueLoove Thaís
  • claudiakramerTu vai ser o melhor namorado do mundo se me der esse boné de aniversário @alemao_rodrigo Sou muuuuuuuito fã do @jason_mraz
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