WHEELS DOWN in H-Town for my homie @bestbetbass wedding! #05Draft #YoungRooksTogether #PickedUpDoughnuts #NO/OKC
  • cp3WHEELS DOWN in H-Town for my homie @bestbetbass wedding! #05Draft #YoungRooksTogether #PickedUpDoughnuts #NO/OKC

  • m.holloway.2Chris paul is the best point guard in the nba hands down,just think about it,what cant you do that an average point guard needs to have to be successful on the floor. @cp3
  • wbdavyI like wat u did wen your grandfather pass n srey bout tht hes in a better place I now you pain xuz my mom pass to so its ok @cp3
  • cp3xbatmanU posterised Howard, that's pretty cool
  • grantlevequeI'm a huge fan your hole team is my role model I've been playing since Ive been 4 and I think I getting to be a lot like you
  • bazootifulBaeeee omg bae
  • acblake_Cp3 my favorite point guard of all time and the best at what he do
  • jayanthony1991I have that card 🙌
  • christian_jorgeI have the left rookie card
  • apost_@austinander
  • rick_james313best point guard in the league
  • ronyewest408Still got the same rookie card
  • jonahbnormanGreensboro gators🐊🐊
  • sibez15Do u know Adam Haluska @cp3
  • davidjmccabeHey @cp3. You've been a great motivation in my bball career. After Iverson retired I was looking for someone to cheer for. After I hearf about your game for your grandfather that was an easy choice. You are a very big role model to me. Stay Strong, and Push on.
  • will_w_11Throwback Thursday
  • bigeddie16Rookie CP
  • autumnadorno@loko174
  • ronbonnnnI'm so sorry what happened to your grandfather, your a strong player, you've always have been, your my idol, and I hope you see this, it's amazing how you scored 61 for your grandfather, I wish I were able to play just like you , you live your life to the fullest
  • mike11bennett6True point guard that underrated because he doesn't put up a crazy amount of points every game
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