Who's your Dirnty? @batmansmom @mikedirntshomies @greendayig
  • mikedirntWho's your Dirnty? @batmansmom @mikedirntshomies @greendayig

  • one_21gunsI'm listening to an actual interview of you over the phone. Your voice is BEAUTIFUL Mike      . Sorry for the bad english, come to Argentina Mikeyyyyyyyyyyy!!! BESOS @mike_dosxx
  • megangilleyxoRockin that Floofy hair!!!
  • lior227So youu
  • gasmpkwhat about its boobs
  • ann_rebelCome on @mike_dosxx ,look @noa_extraordinary_girl 's drawing !) @treleparc
  • kt_gibbs9You put to me back thankyou made my hole life I dint think In my hole life it would happen OMG thankyou
  • tre_cool3Comeon he got a small nose why here it's big
  • need_hugs_Oh god i love you @mike_dosxx
  • tresharkzMillions love you !!!
  • mattyyballhi mike please reply it would be a great honour :D
  • antonsharabarovCool
  • batmanbeardhomiespretty fucking cool 😍
  • maisiemurray@robzab9 look who he tagged 👉@greendayig😝
  • rxbynabThen why have they only got 110k followers?😒 @maisie_lily_unoxx
  • maisiemurrayWell I'm sorry there's not as many greenday fans as Justin Bieber, or fucking one direction! It doesn't mean there fake of they "only" have 110k! Wtf?! Maybe that's because most people of the 21st century don't know better than to like what's new, or in fashion, because all that go's on in their heads is "...........duhhhh....." So no, they may not have as many fans, but the ones they do are only fans because they don't care what others think, they stay with what they love. I was raised listening to greenday, Elvis Presley and nirvana and loads of other rock bands because of my family, and I love it because it has real meaning, unlike the so called 'good' music which is ALL about heartbreak and love and let's all face it SEX•I'm proud to be part of the idiot nation✌️and I love @bj_unoxx @mike_dosxx and @treleparc and Johnny Depp and I don't give a fuck what the haters think😎✌️ love you Mike😘 #alwaysbewithyou💕
  • maisiemurray@robzab9
  • pupppet_masterFun Art #
  • rmenary563@mike_dosxx Can you look at the weirdest drawing I've ever done of green day!? Hehe, just a heads up its reeeally random...thanks ;) ♡ ✌
  • rmenary563(I tagged you in it) ^^^
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