So blessed to wake up to this view
  • kingjamesSo blessed to wake up to this view

  • brianlake81A
  • marcus_gray22This Is Weak
  • anniekidryTARANTO??? @kingjames
  • bb2zees
  • jathan37Your so lucky
  • paty.adlerBeautiful
  • charellthomas#Paradise
  • avoiceoftheking@kingjames I speak more Blessings and Door Opening Favor on your Life! I cancel any form of Sickness and Injury that may try to attach itself to hinder your Purpose! There is Greatness on the Inside of you! I pray you connect with people that sees and wants the Best for you! God has Great plans for your Life! See yourself out the box! Dream more in this Season! Set more Goals in this Season! Remember you are more than a conqueror! They tried to count you out but God counted you in! Stay on course! Unbox your Faith in this Season! Things are happening for you! Really Trust God and believe in yourself! The decisions you make will benefit generation's after you! Its your Season! Your time is Now! God Bless!
  • xessy07Lebron, im a die hard fan of yours, whatever will be is your decision, a ton of fans like me will still support you because you are one of the best player ever seen to play the game.. But you need to cement your legacy for it will be spoken for decades, you need to have more championship, more mvp titles, and for that you need to stay in miami.. Furthermore, cleveland is still not ready, irving is still not ready, they still need 2 - 3 yrs to improve.. I think, you still need to improve as a leader.. Then comeback to cleveland when you are ready.. After all, you are the choosen one remember? @kingjames
  • leia93@kingjames
  • leia93@kingjames DM
  • li.portI love you LeBron soo much your my inspiration i am 12 yrs old and love you soooo much LeBron @kingjames
  • pwaeschle72I am 8 years old and i love the heat by the way nice view!
  • nick.nikolinakosGREECE FOREVER #greeceisthebest
  • sf.stephenThat's a nice pic
  • sam.kaywork10Baller
  • lorijpaulGorgeous is correct! Takes ur breadth away!
  • imma.kenadi.15Love it I wish I was there right know because it is freezing here
  • fishing_guy_1Love it
  • mckinney.helenaLove the water i live by the water to
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