Getting there...need to paint and fix the fan vent (gross) but it already feel so much brighter.
  • designspongeGetting there...need to paint and fix the fan vent (gross) but it already feel so much brighter.

  • archiwomenLove the sink
  • igotsapoodleBeautiful!
  • mitchmitchieI sure hope there's a before and after planned for the blog! Looks great!
  • most_lovely_thingsI love that rug! Looks beautiful
  • tacobanahomeNice progress!
  • whippetsnyc@designsponge Ralph Lauren rug?
  • dow4peaceLike it - yes but sink sticking out? Is it in style or? Need to move cabinets bit forward to align with the sink?
  • littlebrickbungalowIt's an Ikea farmhouse style sink and sticks out on purpose. Those are some fabulous sinks! We put the double basin one in our first house and have the single one in our current house. Love them! Great work!
  • anacpinGood job! 👏
  • dow4peace@littlebrickbungalow Awesome.
  • designsponge@dow4peace nope- that's what it's supposed to do- check the ikea site for images :)
  • designsponge@whippetsnyc nope/ vintage from Brimfield
  • designsponge@mitchmitchie yep :)
  • sarasark8Looking great!
  • purplefoodie@designsponge loving the kitchen updates focused around the sink :) the rug is or gorgeous but I'm just worried it'll stain in the kitchen or be went with all the water flying out of the sink? Would love to know how you plan on working around that.
  • purplefoodieWet* with water...
  • designsponge@purplefoodie I live by the "things are meant to be used" motto. I think stains, water, etc are all part of life and they add character and life to a piece. This was pretty ratty when I bought it so I don't think water is going to hurt it too badly. My dog, on the other hand, is another story... ;)
  • steph_sam@designsponge I just moved into my first house and it came with the (nearly) exact same kitchen and layout!! I'm even more excited about it now!
  • purplefoodie@designsponge I love your motto! I need to work that into my living more. Aaaaah now I realise why my concern for water on the carpet is bigger - maybe because we don't wear any footwear at home (like most Asian houselholds) and therefore I'd be worried a about walking on a wet carpet. ;)
  • jodimckeelooks great, grace!
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