Best Labor Day weekend ever...
  • deniserichardsBest Labor Day weekend ever...

  • carlobordiniWonderful!
  • kristen.strychalskiThe horse on the right looks like it's smiling XD
  • kristen.strychalski**left
  • 15steve51Wish you would ride me like that horse
  • gubleyworrallPlease sent your amazing monentm
  • gypsiedivaDenise, I admire your strength and how you have handled difficulties in your life. You should write some of your experiences ( general/ not a tell all) on paper including how you felt and dealt with things and publish it. A guide for strong women who don't depend on their appearance to get them through life. I believe women everywhere would benefit from this. You have proven yourself as a strong woman to be taken seriously. Our young women would benefit from this and also this could change younger generations and how they view themselves. We need to address our youths perceptions of strength and beauty. Attractive women, young or mature, can use their intelligence to excel in life. While overcoming obstacles successfully. You have proven this. Thank you for reading my message. ~ Kerrie. @deniserichards_officialpage
  • marleniuxThat was beautifully said @kerrieneeds
  • angeliqgoddessLove you @deniserichards_officialpage
  • gypsiedivaThank you @marleniux I enjoy entertainment as much as the next person. But, @deniserichards_officialpage is honestly so much more than that! Our young women need to see struggle handled properly and with dedication can be overcome. Denise has proven her worth. And so many young women could benefit from her first hand knowledge. Young ladies need to find and develop their own beauty. Not for furthering themselves, but for knowing their worth. Taking confidence from that and excelling with intelligence. Good things are never easy. If they are, they won't last. But, unfortunately our youth learn from what the SEE & KNOW. Until we provide role models for them to see and help them to know they have worth we can't expect or ask for change. Denise is in wonderful place to be a role model. I hope she will.
  • sandysdesignsAwesome picture
  • cynthiawebster@deniserichards_officialpage - Recently in the media you said you know the current, friendly relationship you have with Charlie is "odd". Please never apologize for that. I understand it very much. So so many more divorced parents should be amicable with each other for the sake of their children. Ya know? Things just don't workout sometimes; why dwell? I think exes being friendly should be more the norm, when possible.
  • mrssvardy@deniserichards_officialpage how's you dad! He was my favorite on your show! Lol
  • redhotpepEnjoy....
  • 1happiemommy@cynthiawebster I agree. Im best buds with my ex and we do everything for our children together and I enjoy watching over his baby boy every chance i that little dude.. as I see it that baby or his mom had nothing to do with our romantic relationship ending so why be mean or hateful towards them..
  • markus67105Wish you and your family, relax holidays Denise !
  • pixflix4uThat says a lot about the person you are, Denise. All the kids a truly blessed to have parents who care enough to look passed their own misfortune...
  • claucoxrfavela👏👏👏👏👏
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