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  • portugaltheman#evilfriends #mroquin #surrenderthebooty @kyleoquin

  • aryaluciaaAnd @donalbaineshultz isn't exactly running a negative argument here, he said he knows they can do more with their creativity! I agree!
  • jaybirdtheturddon't you know the nature of propaganda? did you take nothing away from the evil friends album? flash the image in front of your face a million times until you embrace it, love it, become it. purple yellow red constantly in the YouTube ads, give in you hipsters
  • jonny_rocksteadyI thought that was Mylets at first!
  • jahman423Fucking yes, please sell these at shows this tour
  • donalbaineshultz@oliviadesanfoot @gato_del_sur why is it rude that I would rather see something fresh? And, why would I take the time to listen to one direction? I enjoy the music these guys create. I'm just over seeing basically the same photo daily. I didn't realize they had so many kiss ass fanboys. All I'm asking for is a little variety.
  • donalbaineshultz@aaronthemajestic I'm glad someone else understands.
  • pairodiddlesViva la revolution!
  • dennisgunden@portugaltheman - see you in nyc in sept! My roommates and I are all super siked, saw you guys last time you were in nyc. We won't ever miss a ptm show . You guys ever jam on the old church mouth songs? - Dennis
  • oliviadesanfoot@donalbaineshultz it's like what are you creating??? lets see your artwork and hear your music? if you're not doing anything just sit your ass down and enjoy what they're creating for us. don't whine like a bored toddler.
  • donalbaineshultz@oliviadesanfoot I'm not a visual artist, but, I do create music, and, you're more than welcome to hear it. Look, I respect these guys tremendously. I haven't made any negative remarks about them. I simply stated that this magazine art has become repetitive and stale. Please accept that your opinion on the matter is not universal. Neither is mine. I'm unsure how you misinterpreted the voicing of my opinion as a child whining. There's not a single legitimate reason for you, or anyone for that matter, to have become so offended by my original comment.
  • emidewmelonI enjoy them:)
  • portugaltheman"Shut the fuck up, Donny." Recognize. @donalbaineshultz
  • donalbaineshultzHahaha well, then. Cheers.
  • ohsweetmeowAwwww @portugaltheman yall have broken my heart
  • zachhughes1021@portugaltheman you are one of my favorite artists, but it's kind of ridiculous to get bent out of shape over an opinion
  • portugaltheman@zachhughes1021 @ohsweetmeow @donalbaineshultz Big Lebowski. 'Twas a joke, silly.
  • zachhughes1021@portugaltheman I shall see you in October sir
  • donalbaineshultzI feel somewhat insulted that you would think I didn't catch that reference. Always hurting my poor little feelings. I suppose that's what Evil Friends do. Keep up the good work, fellas.
  • donalbaineshultzBy the way, @zachhughes1021 is probably your biggest fan in the universe. I turned him on to you guys after seeing you at Hangout a few years ago. He hasn't had the pleasure of seeing you live yet, so, please make the Tabernacle show special for him. Much love.
  • mcaevildesignFreak out style
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