Shepard is almost finished with his "We Are Still Here" mural in LA.  The image was a collaboration with Aaron Huey @argonautphoto.  #obeygiant  #shepardfairey #aaronhuey
  • obeygiantShepard is almost finished with his "We Are Still Here" mural in LA. The image was a collaboration with Aaron Huey @argonautphoto. #obeygiant #shepardfairey #aaronhuey

  • cris_trenI
  • uss_erinpriseAre you going to paint Johnny Depp in there somewhere? Cause his great great grandmother knew a native once. #1491
  • blondexblueWhy did you make a mural as if the native perspective is your own? You two are white boys that should be expressing white guilt via art that blatantly illustrates what white colonists have done to natives! #1491s #unitedhoumanation #whiteprivilege
  • blondexblueAnd to be clear I am a communication arts major at vcu and am biracial, native and white. You enrage me at the same time you shame me. #smh #beigbiracial #1491s
  • 5ro5Has this dude ever done anything that didn't exploit the fuck out of something? Fuck you Shep Fairey!
  • thoshographer@la_wark you need to get out of your class room, get out and see native country. I work all over native county in the wellness community and believe me our ppl need all the help we can get, even if its from 2 white boys with a lil bit of social pull. Our ppl need to get over their cultural pain and forgive the past in order to heal and move forward. It's 20fuckin13 not 1491. We're a different ppl today.
  • summerlonglegzI think this just issues a good challenge to everybody here who hates this project. Native America has a huge amount of talent but one of the challenges is resources. To the most vocal here, organize and fund a mural project. Show the world what you want them to see. If you feel so strongly that this is wrong, do something! Words mean nothing without action.
  • byellowtailI saw this mural last night and immediately saw someone familiar. He looks like he could be my brother or cousin back in Crow country. We are still here & it is not #1491 anymore. I look forward to the day when our native people step up to the plate and battle together to make our modern day issues... resolutions. Our communities need a lot of change and could use the help, and if a mural by two non-natives paint us in a way that is real and existing, its not a stereotypical leathered feathered ancestor...then lets do the damn thing. Damn shame all the troll comments from the ndnz not working towards progressive change for our people. Do something!
  • byellowtailShout out to the native artists who are working with @obeygiant for the bigger cause. Great job, incredible project!
  • byellowtail@sunshineredbear look! its your brother in law painted on a giant wall in downtown LA :) #wearestillhere
  • ectoplasticIs there any native artists involved with the project? The only thing I kibda find offputting is the use of the word "we".
  • indiangiver@ectoplastic yes I am one #cheyennerandall if you go to the web site go to artists you'll see all Native artist + a couple non, collaborating with non natives is positive 👍
  • byellowtail@ectoplastic yes there's lots of native artist working on other projects coming out soon. As well the #honorthetreaties project funds native artists working towards social change.
  • cor_ruppertI love it
  • karinarain@byellowtail @indiangiver @thoshographer - Love you guys for sharing a solid perspective!!
  • karinarainThank you Shepard for doing this and bringing light. Some people are not realizing how collaborating with even those who are NOT Native is a positive thing. Yes we are talented, yes we have a lot to contribute but who in mainstream media is really able to see it?? We cannot pigeon hole ourselves and expect mountains to be moved. Assistance is always appreciated when done correctly and you have done great!!
  • indiangiver@karinarain 🙏
  • n0rellacarboni@66olds
  • kimtntI know, and I remember.
  • celestinamarie317#theotwoeagles
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