A new era. A new institution. A new stadard. Welcome to The Academy. 9/9/13
  • djdramaA new era. A new institution. A new stadard. Welcome to The Academy. 9/9/13

  • flexxgriffinthe5thDrop dat fuckin tape wake yo old ass up streets ready bitch!!!! @djdrama
  • staylaughinD5!!
  • urielvelazquez7Where the fuck is D5 Dram ? We aighnt eating fam #hungry #for #d5
  • kaylag_from414wake yo cornball head ass up nigga & drop the tape !!! sleeply time over hoe
  • timmyhoustonNigga drop D5
  • kingquissyFuck the academy where that D5 !!!!!!!
  • ddgills.rexD5
  • mriseandgrindYou a bullshitter.
  • armaanf_DROP THAT ISH!!!!!!
  • offical_wwe_universeDrop D5!!
  • famousbuellerLol niggas goin ham for d5, guess drama ain't dedicated enuff to drop it
  • kayeeveeayen@djdrama youre asking on twitter if you can use a studio in vegas to add your voiceovers...you gotta be kidding right? One, get your bread up if you don't have a studio out there. Two, we don't give a fuck about you talking on the tape. At this point you'd be fucking stupid to put yourself on this because every fan hates you and only you right now. Atleast wayne is dedicated enough to finish it on the deadline, your secondary background hugging ass is fucking IRRELEVANT
  • kayeeveeayenthat being said, anyone who's giving you death threats is straight childish. However if I was out in Vegas I would whoop that big ass head of yours around.
  • jacobmarcatos@kevimwhite fuckin killed him. 😂😂😂
  • jordanjeremedrop D5 fuckboy
  • lkaine_Ctfu^^
  • mylomontanna@kevimwhite ur an idiot cuz it was WAYNE who WASNT FINISHED with the tape first... and if you were a REAL fan than I would know the skits are what made the shit official... u fuckin dumbass... #BandWagonFans
  • kayeeveeayenI never said anything about the past skits, but drama does that bullshit on every tape so don't even act like its specifically for wayne. Dramas the dude and can def put out a tape but if the reason it's held up is his dumb ass needing to talk then it's just not worth it. The fans wouldn't care either way, I know I wouldn't. @koemylo and alright whatever you say, I bought carter 2 in sixth fucking grade but I'm a bandwagon fan. Whatever you say.
  • kayeeveeayenAlright @djdrama I ain't as mad now that it's coming out at twelve
  • djaktiveThat's hotb
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