This is my 'from office to horseback riding' look. Just in case I want to get my 'man from snowy river' on.  #pregnant #25weeks
  • em_hendersonThis is my 'from office to horseback riding' look. Just in case I want to get my 'man from snowy river' on. #pregnant #25weeks

  • sarah_reisertLooking great mama!
  • cambria_graceYou're the cutest.
  • megekeleYou look so dang precious! Hope I look half this good if I ever have a baby!
  • kjersteleeCuuuuute!
  • mrscwickOmg! Love Man from Snowy River! My sister and I probably watched it 100 times when we were younger.
  • maison21are you having a beyonce #pillowbaby @em_henderson? cuz y'all ain't looking very preggers. ;-)
  • abrs_So cute! But how are you wearing all that in the super muggy SoCal weather?!?!
  • sinrich13Where is the blue painting from!?! I just bought a house and need help/art!!! I LOVE it!
  • hayleywilliamspawleyFirst babies always show smaller, cuz you still have some stomach muscles then! Lol
  • jkburgin1Styled at 25 weeks. ;)
  • autumn115Love Ur caption Emily :)
  • cococakelandYou are so cute! Super sweet preggo style too! :)
  • decor8Always amazed when I see people wearing boots in 90 degree LA!!! It's cute but how?!
  • decor8@em_henderson by the way, your bump is super cute and many congrats to you!
  • thealiceline@decor8 I was wondering the same thing. Plus preggo too. That's even more heat! :) looks perfect for fall though!
  • alissasuejohnson@decor8 I wondered the same thing until I lived in SoCal for a bit! I think it has something to do with the fact that everywhere is air conditioned, and it's not really a city you walk around in much. In my experience, you typically go from house to car to other air conditioned building. I wear pants here in the same weather that would call for shorts and a tank top in Seattle! (Not a lot of air conditioning + more time spent outside up there.)
  • leechantelsarverYes on the painting, love!
  • candileonard@em_henderson can you tell me about your rug? How does it hold up? Does it slide around? It has been on my wish list but I'm so uncertain about it. Thanks!
  • loveyabeanit@em_henderson who makes your boots?
  • sevillevictor7Like the hand chair
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