My baby boy is 1 today!! happy birthday Finn ... #ManManis1! #MyBaby
  • torispellingMy baby boy is 1 today!! happy birthday Finn ... #ManManis1! #MyBaby

  • saywwhhaatt@torianddean Ohhh 1 year old already?! So fast. So cute. So adored by you and me. A huge fan. Love you and your family. My fav Hollywood family ever! And all because of you Tori.
  • joanriley41573HBD BABY BOY, VERY SWEET
  • lilkmommy@torianddean You make the prettiest babies! Your beautiful family is an inspiration to others, especially me! I'm a huge fan. Enjoy your sweet one year old, he's so stinkin cute! Sending much love your way!
  • patsyrnTori, you know I've said this before I just need to say it again. You are such an inspiration to mommy's who love their babies more than life itself. I was so inspired when I read what you endured to bring that precious little boy into this world. I was already a fan of your show because you and Dean are such a stinking adorable and genuine couple. When I delivered my son, who is now 7 months old, it was a traumatic and emergent delivery which resulted in a seperated pelvis for me, VERY PAINFUL!! I am still in chronic pain and limited activity but I would do it all over again if it meant having the perfect angel I was blessed with. It's hard to fathom, but we are the minority. You are such a unique and special person because despite your fame and background as a "Hollywood child", you are such a genuine and giving soul. Your husband and children are so blessed to have you as their wife and mommy. :) Stay radiant sweet lady!
  • sugarpuddinpupCutie!<3#love #family #life #joy
  • sabrina_baruchelloHappy birsday baby boy
  • lisarivera5@torianddean I had a 9 &1/2 lb baby and a separated pelvis. Couldn't use my legs for an entire month. But he's 17 now. And when he's disobedient I remind him of the pain I endured for him. But he knows I love him.
  • diamondgoldwingHope he had a great day ❤🎉🎂
  • isaacadmsonI love the pic of Finn Torj Finn's so cute love him and u
  • padipichinaaHappy birthday
  • padipichinaa🎂
  • isaacadmsonHe is cute. My sitter Ashton is folling u but she forgot her pass code. So she can not get on Ingram. Me and her love your move's and your book's. u are pretty.
  • kelpy45Awe so cute! My little one just turned One on Wednesday!
  • flutterbymummaHappy bday Finn.
  • sandroeyuriFeliz aniversário !
  • nutsoverspanielAwww💙💙he is so a sweet baby boy😍
  • teresamyphotosHe looks like your father
  • babiigurl46825Awww too cute.... ur family is so adorable!!!!
  • ginaraelituanFinn is a cute ass name too! You guys are on point @torianddean
  • beau_hudsonHe is just SO cute!!!
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