joyful congregation. 
pre-illusion. @menageriebwy
  • zacharyquintojoyful congregation.
    pre-illusion. @menageriebwy

  • heyjesselyI cannot wait to see this production! One of my all time favorite plays and a dream cast! October, hurry up!
  • witchypoo_89Casting calls anytime soon ???it would be so amazing to be apart of your work @zacharyquinto
  • jessicaasandlerI'LL BE AT THE FIRST SHOW
  • rgem19hooray!!! cannot wait!!
  • aymcoWanna see it
  • __ann.d__@zacharyquinto I'm hoping to be at a show in late September!!! Coming in to see it from Indiana! :0)
  • bored_fani want to see it!!
  • rebucca_n99:) im auditioning for my high school play coming up... Never did an audition...
  • iitsoanawful!
  • negort@zacharyquinto so exciting!! :):)
  • negort@zacharyquinto so exciting!! :):)
  • hyenyhyenperfect :)
  • 0611midoriI want to see it!!
  • luc_wittenberg@zacharyquinto Are they going to fill in the stage below the hexagons with liquid again?
  • halloyuminglove u xoxo
  • vrita_artLove to look at the process, thanks for sharing))
  • eliacheungAlthough cannot be at the spot next week, still feel pretty excited about it! Hope everything is fine and enjoy! I will pray for the success of this perfect show in my own country...!😘
  • misschristina_mI'm going to this in October! Looking forward to it @zacharyquinto :D
  • thesilentfall@zacharyquinto I want to see it soo bad but i dont know if i can... :( but enjoy yourselfs !!!! if i get tickets all i say is i cant wait! i probably wont because im going to comic con but ill try!! im a theatre person myself so like i said enjoy yourselfs... opening night is always my favorite because of the energy the cast and crew and everyone involved gives can be felt by the audience. like i said i also do theatre so i know what its like :) @zacharyquinto
  • qui0nixThat is what I call home @zacharyquinto
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