The @primitive_apparel table at our Columbiana SC store courtesy of @caca8807
  • zumiezThe @primitive_apparel table at our Columbiana SC store courtesy of @caca8807

  • johnathonbrunnerI have those supras and adidas
  • montibeauteYou are so right!!! This table is exploding... With OUR PRODUCT!!!! That's what our goals are to sell and give a great Zumiez experience! Our customers give us compliments and express how much they love our store. And last time I check ZUMIEZ posted this picture. So obviously they are feeling what we got goin on.
  • alex_pineda15Keep it simple bottoms tops shoes and some hats that's why we have faceouts and 3-2-1s so we pack those with product, tables should be easier to self shop and have cleaner folds @jnealmcc
  • scaryycarrieSloppy table! Shit the folds aren't even consistent. Needs work but good try
  • scaryycarrieNot shoppable at all!
  • bait_and_destroy@alexip0511 at least someone knows what's up lol
  • alex_pineda15Thought you might be familiar with that @jnealmcc
  • montibeauteWe did what was in demand and sold everything. No one is having a hard time finding anything. We are a small store so we work with what we have. We don't have a bunch of tables to put or product. Like I said everything sold so WE MADE MONEY AND KEPT CUSTOMERS COMING FOR MORE.
  • eirewolf10@montibeaute And that's what counts.
  • soocaliiWhoever put that together that needs to be fired
  • yungsnorlax@skatecauseican *.* DUDE
  • marshallseablom@prahhhhtz
  • prahhhhtzPhoto posted by caca ... 3 weeks ago ... lolz
  • reinagalleta666@montibeaute that's all that matters dude! Keep that attitude and you will dominate! It's always important to try new things, what may work in your store may not work in mine and vice versa! Not cool with all the negativity on here. Especially from other stores.
  • lackyannie@montibeaute all aboutthat total volume...good job!
  • jesskashleyBahah.. I love that all the employees are commenting on this trying to correct an shit.& customers are just like 'oh, dope'. Honestly, it's too much for a store like mine where we can barely keep our table full. But way to do what YOUR customers wanted. But sometimes, too much is overkill. But like @emily666catz said, it works for you guys!! Wouldn't work for me. Great job trying new stuff! @montibeaute
  • _erxck@thaat_dooope_kidd_jose
  •'s retail not rocket science.... Do what works for your store and your area. Take ownership and show your customers the Zumiez experience. Haters gunna hate...I can only hope that when I go into a Zumiez to shop it's not the same as the last one I was in. I want to see those individual managers steez come out in their stores. Keep it real.
  • hummusinchains^no kidding, errybody needs to chill out.. At zumiez everybody fucks shit up on their own level.
  • corpsewizardAll the hate from fellow employees is hilarious. Throw some pics up and let's see how on point all your stores are on any given day. Good for these guys trying something different to get their shoppers hyped.
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