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  • darrenkramer8Dave Chappelle fans in Hartford angry after he stops show because of crowd noise. #Chappelle

  • eddie_womboHelp them get their money back news 8!!! @darrenkramer8
  • attheoceanYeah definite refund!
  • lizbethjane13What exotic junkie said. Stupid bullies.
  • bettygerschwinIt was pretty sad to watch. He told 1 or 2 jokes, then sat there smoking cigarettes expressing how much he didn't care. Every comedy show I've been to, there's always hecklers. The comedian has to have a thick skin and go on or else they win! I am very disappointed tonight. The rest of the acts were GREAT!
  • lizbethjane13Being heckled shouldn't be the norm. Would you want to be heckled at your job?
  • dirtytechnobitchHuffington Post featured your video :-)
  • d_mandrillThere shouldnt be ANY hecklers. Stop making excuses for assholes who do know how to shut up. People paid good money to see him perform. Sit down and shut the Fuck up and let the man do his job. Now yall mad because he sonned yall and got paid.
  • framethrowerNo, no, I get it, YOU are part of the show, YOU and ALL the audience, not the guy on stage. I got it. Ol' Darren Kramer and all these people that work at fucking Kohl's or whatever is the reason Dave Chappelle is there. Awesome. Good for you. Fuck you.
  • toni_perfectlyimperfect_dutkaUmmm I believe Darren was on the news tonight and not at the show this was probably sent in by a viewer, regardless your language and attitude towards Darren is totally uncalled for @framethrower
  • fairwitnessIt's like the guy wants to do comedy but not on TV, not on stage and not for his fans, only for himself! Then stick to a mirror! How you gonna be so sensitive when you're a COMEDIAN? Make jokes about stereotypes and day to day activities to deal with your own insecurities like everyone else! I mean, he doesn't want to do comedy on tv, he doesn't want to do it on stage for fans, he only wants to do it for himself, then stay home
  • fairwitnessI know I know I wrote half that twice those of you who disagree and wanna tear in lol
  • djg300I was at the Houston show, and the hecklers didn't get so bad he had to walk off, but I can definitely b
  • djg300understand. At one point you couldn't hear even what he was saying it was so disrupt
  • djg300disruptive and distracting. Seriously? Pay money to go in and scream and yell and be the show instead of watching and having a good time. I wouldn't have blamed him for walking off. I was getting annoyed.
  • daemonhat@fairwitness you obviously have no idea how comedy shows work so I will tell you. The comic tells jokes, you laugh or not. Period. All the noise and disruption throws off the flow and timing of the comic. And for the people wanting refunds, piss off, if anything you shouldnpay him for being selfish little children.
  • daemonhatSelfish rude little children.
  • hpcomedyHe had every right to walk off because the only audience allowed to do that is at The Apollo! And he already did that way back on his career!!
  • dakokopuffI saw this on the Huffington post too. But I think he had every right to walk off. If he's up there trying to do his job which is talk to a crowd and people pay to come hear him talk then they should be respectful and shut up and listen
  • misterpaleySecurity should have removed the hecklers at chappelles's request. At some point enough is enough.
  • b3nberryNew Slaves; such a fitting song.
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