LOOK where we are :) Disney!!!!
  • charlestrippyLOOK where we are :) Disney!!!!

  • bigsean505Fucking love this video
  • totallydaniiiiiaAWW-SOMEE 😋
  • brad_s15Dude we were gonna go there! That day but my parents wouldn't let us! And u know how u guys r goin to Fort Lauderdale? We were supposed to go there to! Crap!
  • teri_smithPretty Cool Place-
  • your_queen_ashleyYou guys did not go to Starbucks? @charlestrippy @allitrippy
  • 2013outofcontrolI've never been to Disney Land be4.… but when Alli and Charles go there, it's mondo exciting!!!!!!!😊
  • nicoleb10I miss Disney World so much I wish I lived in Florida. I went to Disney World during winter break and was hoping you guys would go so I would run into you guys.
  • crazy4gymnasticxSo beautiful I wish I could go there but I am in school
  • crazy4gymnasticxAnd did you see the smiley face in his arm
  • allymarie890HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHARLES! :)
  • ellaphilip_xI love you
  • anna_jenkins342Smile kid
  • _._erick_._HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!!!!🎉🎊🎁🎈🎂🍰
  • lisyungYou are so funny😊You make people happy. But why do you always go to the hospital ?😷😷
  • joeythebronyI went thar last summer bro awsome ps im going to Florida this cristmus yah wooo i want to met you so bad 😫
  • davidstumpfanpageLucky!!
  • sarahrumley_I was just there the last week of August!!
  • eduarda_c_04Live here
  • lucyrose2000Next time you go, please take me, two reasons why 1 it's disney and 2 it's would be disney with CTFxC XX<3
  • britney_e_leyI am going there tomorrow!!!! Or today ..it's 1:00 am
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