We turned heads (and rotors) in 1957 with our vintage winter uniforms. #ThrowbackThursday #TBT #uniforms #vintage
  • deltaWe turned heads (and rotors) in 1957 with our vintage winter uniforms. #ThrowbackThursday #TBT #uniforms #vintage

  • fearringtonbeltie@delta I'm sure you did!
  • av8tr37@joha930 that picture would be better if it was u
  • robo_overturfWould of been hottest with you @av8tr37
  • ferr_alves@delta it'll be very interesting if you could make a few vintage flight. With an aircraft painting, crew uniform and the interior as the eighties
  • jayandpaulaHey @delta have you found our air cargo package from PRG which you 'misplaced' at JFK? We expected delivery at LAX on 8/31...we get a different excuse each time we call. Concerned.
  • yungfortyYou fucking suck.
  • 1st_goddess@Delta @jayandpaula @youngfuk40 I enjoy seeing the photos and reading the interesting and helpful comments ABOUT the posts from @Delta . I have flown Delta for 30+ years with over a million miles logged. Over those yrs. I have had a few frustrating things happen to me as well including lost packages, luggage, etc.but Delta has by far "screwed" up less than all the other airlines I fly combined. I suggest you take up individual concerns with Delta directly--use the Delta website or their 800#. If you want to complain, there are plenty of blogs for EVERY airline for you to post your complaint, and you may find someone who went through a similar situation and how the airline "fixed" it. You might find the advice on what to do to get your problem resolved. I assure you this is not the place to get that help. @jackandotis No offense, but I'd rather not know. I come to this site for interesting and uplifting comments and pics.
  • 1st_goddessAlso, every October Delta offers pink lemonade for $2 & the entire $2goes to Breast Cancer Research. I'm sure they are doing it again this October. However, I just had a cancerous breast tumor removed last week and won't be able to fly this month and buy a glass. So all of you flying Delta this month, please buy or just donate the $2. This Platinum would surely appreciate it :)
  • melissaar@leiannabeaner this could be you
  • michaelanthonysunGood
  • patrisharey@patrickmiller2014 i found your selfie with Delta
  • patrick.mill@patrisha_fayee haha very funny u only wish u were Delta Material little ms.southwest
  • patrisharey@patrickmiller2014 you have to work for the best to be the best
  • patrick.millThat's why I am the best because I'm going to work for the worlds most admired airline Delta! @patrisha_fayee
  • patrishareyYou suck ugh patrick @patrickmiller2014
  • faris__mmههههههههههههه
  • maritat99Beautiful picture!!!
  • _guapz_@inkpusha75 @bunuts @iamjason123
  • gdeleon0717I have a question... I'm a delta employee and I really want to take a picture of myself next to the engine, of course a non running engine but I saw in the news few month ago that a flight attendant lost her job by doing that...can we as a delta can take a picture for the social media?
  • invisaclipNow that's an engine shot...
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